Morad Bader Abdullah Adais was indicted Monday. (Channel 2)

funeral dafna meir

Family and friends mourn at Dafna Meir’s funeral. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

An indictment was filed against the teenage terrorist who, incited by Palestinian TV, murdered a mother of six before going home to watch a movie with his family.

Morad Bader Abdullah Adais, 16, was arrested on suspicion of murder last month – two days after the stabbing death of Dafna Meir, 38, in her home in the community of Otniel in Judea. Meir, a nurse at Soroka University Medical Center in Be’er Sheba and a mother of six, including two foster children, was slaughtered in the presence of one of her daughters.

A joint Israel Security Agency (ISA)-Israel Defense Forces operation resulted in Adais’ arrest on suspicion that he murdered Meir. During the investigation, it was revealed that Adais, who lives in the village of Beit Amra, near Hebron, had been influenced by Palestinian TV programs that incited terror, telling viewers that Israelis are “killing Palestinian young people,” an ISA spokesperson said.

Dafna Meir

Dafna Meir (Courtesy)

According to the spokesperson, “On the day of the murder, while under the influence of the programs he had been exposed to on Palestinian television, the minor decided to commit a stabbing attack with the goal of murdering a Jew. Given the proximity of Otniel to his place of residence, he decided to commit the attack in Otniel.”

After murdering Meir, Adais fled the scene. Later that evening, he watched a movie at home with his family.

His father told Palestinian media that he admired his son’s act of terror, saying, “I am proud of him.”