Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. (AP)

In an address to the Arab League in Cairo over the weekend, Palestinian Authority Head Mahmoud Abbas admitted that Palestinians incite against Israel, but he accused Israel, falsely, of doing the same.

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas publicly admitted to inciting violence against Israel and Israelis, while saying it was acceptable because Israel does it too, he claimed.

Israel’s Channel 2 reports that while addressing an Arab League assembly on Saturday in Cairo, Abbas called on the US to probe incitement coming from “both sides.”

“The Israelis claim that the Palestinians incite in the media and in schoolbooks. We have said in the past – we incite and you [Israel] incite as well.”

He further said that Israel and the Palestinians agreed in 1998 to the establishment of a tripartite committee with the US to examine incitement allegedly coming from both sides. “We are willing to have the US serve as a judge on this issue,” he said.

“There is foolish and wild incitement by Israeli officials against the Palestinians,” he alleged.

Such a committee was formed as part of the Wye River Memorandum in 1998, and met every two months until the outbreak of the Second Intifada in September 2000. The committee has not been active for almost 16 years.

Israel has been contending with a long wave of Palestinian terror attacks for the past eight months. Israel says that a primary driving force behind the wave of violence is incessant and vicious incitement against Israel by the Palestinian leadership, which has caused the death of 33 victims and wounded over 450.