Palestinian Ambassador to Iran Salah Zawawi (Screenshot)

A representative of the Palestinian Authority hopes Iran will have a nuclear arsenal to use against Israel.  

The Palestinian Ambassador to Iran Salah Zawawi called for Israel’s destruction, invoking age-old anti-Semitic myths.

In an interview last week with Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV, Zawawi warned against what he called the, “Western enterprise” to establish Greater Israel and to turn Arabs into “servants, if not slaves in our region.” He is reinforcing the anti-Semitic myth of Jewish conspiratorial world domination.

“I pray to Allah that Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs,” he said, adding that they would not be directed against Arab or Islamic countries, but “would be used to defend the Islamic Republic and its principles.”

“Our war is not only with this Zionist enemy,” he declared, according to a translation by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“We are fighting a 100-year-old Western enterprise, which is ongoing. This enterprise does not target a part of Palestine, or even Palestine in its entirety. Its goal is to establish Greater Israel, which would control disintegrated Arab and Islamic countries, and indeed, this is happening today in our Islamic world. This way, our enemy along with its defenders and masters, would complete their plan to…plunder our resources,” he alleged.

“When they talk about the signing of the nuclear agreement and whatever, they are truly terrified. If Iran produces a nuclear bomb – and I pray to Allah that Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs – it will not be directed against any Arab or Islamic country. It will be used to defend, at the very least, the Islamic republic and its principles,” he added.

Zawawi is a Palestinian Authority representative, which claims to be interested in engaging Israel in peace talks.