Surveillance cameras footage showing Urooj Rahman holding a Molotov cocktail and wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. (Twitter)

Urooj Rahman who is facing charges for firebombing a NYPD car during riots while wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh, said “the only way they hear us is through violence.”

A New York attorney charged with firebombing a New York City police car at one point worked for an anti-Israel organization and said before her arrest that “the only way they hear us is through violence.”

Urooj Rahman, 31, was arrested along with fellow attorney Colinford Mattis, 32. The two were alleged to have been distributing gasoline-filled beer bottles commonly known as Molotov cocktails and had firebombed a police car.

The Fordham University law school graduate spent a summer in Israel in 2014 where she did an internship with the Haifa-based Mada Al-Carmel organization, which opposes Israel as a Jewish state and promotes anti-Israel activists. At one point Rahman was present at a riot near the Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem.

She took to the streets during the George Floyd protests in New York, stopping for a street interview to give her opinion on the situation in America.

“This s*** won’t stop until we f**** take it all down,” Rahman said before her arrest in a video posted on YouTube, her face covered with a checkered kefiyeh headscarf made famous by Yasser Arafat and worn by Palestinian terrorists as well as those who support their cause.

“The only way they hear us is through violence. Through the means that they use. We got to use the mass’s tools,” Rahman said.

On Friday, a grand jury in New York indicted Rahman and two others on seven counts of arson and use of explosives during what had been peaceful George Floyd protests on May 29. Rahman and the others had been recorded on security cameras.

NYPD Commissioenr Dermot Shea said the actions had not endangered the lives of policemen but posed a danger to “the constitutional right of people to peacefully protest,” the Daily Mail reported.