Ambassador Einat Schlein presents her credentials to King Abdullah II of Jordan. ( (
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Einat Schlein, newly appointed Israeli ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is the Jewish state’s first diplomatic representative in an Arab country. 

Einat Schlein made history Monday when she presented her credentials to King Abdullah II of Jordan, becoming the first woman to serve as an Israeli ambassador to an Arab country.

Schlein presented her credentials to the king at a ceremony in Amman, together with envoys from seven other countries – Germany, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Switzerland.

The countries’ national anthems were played at the ceremony, including Israel’s Hatikvah.

Schlein arrived at the king’s palace accompanied by a motorcade covered with Israeli flags. The envoys later laid wreaths on the tombs of former Jordanian kings, a Jordanian news outlet reported.

The new ambassador to Jordan is one of seven women recently posted to top diplomatic positions abroad in accordance with a policy established by the previous foreign minister, Avigdor Liberman.

Schlein is an expert in Middle East affairs and previously headed the international division of the Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic research center. She served in Amman at the beginning of her career and also accumulated diplomatic experience during a stint at Israel’s embassy in Washington.