The Rothchild family. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

Moroccan magazine “Lamha” recently made the ludicrous claim that the famous Rothschild Jewish banking family is responsible for killing many prominent individuals including six US presidents.

A Moroccan online magazine called “Lamha” (“Brief Insights”) posted a video on the famous Rothschild Jewish banking family, in which it said that the family “was responsible for the killing of six [US] presidents… as well as the Russian Czar, and many Congress members and bank owners,”

According to a report published by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) last week, the magazine, which claims on its website to focus on “cultural and scientific issues,” further said in the video that the family owned half the world’s wealth, controlled the price of gold worldwide, and had deep ties to freemasonry, echoing classic and notorious anti-Semitic libels.

“Rothschild is a Jewish family of German origins. It has gained unprecedented influence and wealth. It holds half of the world’s wealth. If we talk numbers, it reaches $500 trillion. The family was founded by Izaak Elchanan, who was later called “Rothschild,” which refers to the shield that marked the door of the family palace. This family, however, always wanted more. It wanted to become more than just a family. This is how they came to build their private empire,” the narrator says in the clip.

The magazine describes a plot in which the family sent five of its sons to France, England, Italy, Germany, and Austria, in order to establish branches and to expand the family.

“The family would not allow anyone to prevent it from realizing its interests, and therefore, it was responsible for the killing of six presidents and rulers: Abraham Lincoln, Taylor, Harrison, Jackson, Garfield, and John Kennedy, as well as the Russian Czar, and many Congress members and bank owners,” the magazine alleges.

The magazine then accuses them of having “the lion share in accomplishing the Zionist plot, and the suffering of the Palestinian people. The family also has deep ties to freemasonry. The family property is immeasurable. It owns most of the world’s banks, along with CNN TV, Hollywood, and satellites.”

“The Rothschild family is considered to be the wealthiest family that ever existed. It dominates half the world’s wealth and controls the price of gold worldwide. The family controls the American media. The strange thing is that the family members do not appear a lot in public, and do not use their real names.”

Anti-Semitic vilification and slander of Jews and Israel is a prominent theme in Arab media, and especially in the Palestinian media which incites to murder and terrorism, and Israelis have been suffering from its manifestation over the past three months.