IDF soldiers in training. (Evan Lang & Adi James Brown/IDF Spokesperson's Unit) IDF soldiers in training. (Evan Lang & Adi James Brown/IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
IDF soldiers in training


Despite the dangers involved in serving on the front lines, there is a rise in requests to join combat units among Israel’s young adults who want to do their best to defend their country.

(Photo: Barak Chen/IDF Spokesperson Unit)

(Photo: Barak Chen/IDF Spokesperson Unit)

The IDF began recruiting for the year 2015 on Sunday and reports a heightened motivation among inductees to serve in its combat units. A vast majority, 75 percent, requested to join IDF’s leading fighting battalions.

Women recruits have also shown a sharp increase in desire to serve on the front lines, with a 30% climb in requests to serve in combat units. Almost all of the IDF’s combat positions are open to female recruits, and women serve as pilots, infantry soldiers, field intelligence collectors and combat doctors.

Major-General Hagai Topolinsky, commander of the IDF’s manpower management unit, stated that the model of the “people’s army” employed by the IDF is still relevant and serves as a cornerstone in Israel’s military structure.

“The IDF has built itself over the years as a strong army with high standards, a deterring and victorious military that employs some of the most advanced weaponry in the world. However, the secret of its power and the source of its real force has always been with the people and their fighting spirit,“ he said.

“We are seeking to ensure equal opportunities for all recruits and to broaden the integration of women in meaningful roles,” he added. “The IDF is a massive and complex war machine in which everyone has a role, and all are required and important.”

The IDF began its recruitment cycle with a call-up of inductees who are expected to serve in the famed Golani infantry brigade.