Israeli are called settlers, occupiers and much worse. While the Palestinian Authority incites violence against Israelis, the media brings legitimacy to the terror.

The world is divided between people who believe Israel is the home of the Jewish people and people who believe Jews have invaded the land and forcibly expelled the true Palestinian people. Who is correct?

Let’s learn the truth about the history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict:

Media outlets such as CNN, BBC, CBS and many others have been telling a tragic story about Palestinians who were forced out of their homeland and into a harsh life in which they are refugees living under brutal oppression. The oppressors are the vicious Zionists, the many thousands of Jews who manufactured a story about a Holocaust in order to inhabit Palestinian land. The claim is that the Zionists have no claim to the land, having abandoned it over 2000 years ago. Bear in mind, there are those who say the Jewish people have no link to “Palestine” at all. These same people often refer to the Holocaust as the “holohaux” and who portray Hitler as a hero. When confronted by archaeological proof about the Jewish connection to Israel, they say that the Jews of today are not the same as the Jewish people who lived over 2000 years ago. Where are those Jews? Dead. Assimilated. The answers vary.

We deal with these false stories every day. We hear messages of hate and horrible anti-Semitism. We are called settlers, occupiers and much worse. While the Palestinian Authority incites violence against Israelis, the media brings legitimacy to the terror.

The Origin of Palestine

First and foremost, the land is Israel. Not Palestine. Let’s be clear about that.

There are claims that the land was never called Palestine. That’s not true. For a period of time, it was called Palestine. In this video, you will learn about the origin of Palestine – where the name came from and how the Arab nations originally responded to the name. We’ll give you a hint… they despised it!

Inventing the Palestinian People

Now you understand the origin of the name Palestine. You know that really the land is rightfully named Israel and it is the homeland of the Jewish people. There’s still a problem though. Who are the Palestinians then? If they aren’t native to Israel, where are they from?

Here’s the answer.

Misplaced Sympathy for the Palestinians

There is one final thing to address. If you watched both of the above videos, you now know that Arabs rushed to Israel in order to claim the land before the Jewish people could fully return to claim it. This means that when a significant number of Jews came into the land, there were Arabs already living there.

There are many claims which tell you that the Jews forcibly expelled the Arabs. The supposed event is called the “Nakba,” which means “catastrophe.”

What happened to the Arabs who were living in the land? Where did they go and what made them leave?

Here is that answer..

Palestine is a Tool Meant to Oppose Israel

Now that you understand what Palestine is and where it came from, we need you to take action. Please SHARE this article with others. Let people know the truth about Israel. There is no occupation. Jewish people cannot be settlers in their own land. Israel was never the home of the “Palestinian” people. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and it CANNOT be divided or turned into a Palestinian state.