Stem cell-derived hepatocytes emerging (Yaakov Nahmias/Hebrew University) (Yaakov Nahmias/Hebrew University)
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Good News Israel presents liver cells produced from stem cells; simple test for smoke inhalation damage and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Liver cells produced from stem cells

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have successfully engineered large amounts of functioning liver cells from stem cells.  It is a major breakthrough as currently, biotechs testing new liver treatments have to rely on donated or purchased organs.

Simple test for smoke inhalation damage

Researchers at Beersheba’s Soroka Medical Center have devised a simple blood test to determine the extent of damage done to the lungs of smoke inhalation victims.  High levels of free DNA in the blood indicates greater damage and will determine resuscitation and treatment requirements.

Award for 3D denture scanning

Israel’s HoloDent produces a 3D holographic image of the mouth, reducing the time taken to produce dentures to just 30 minutes. The students on the BioDesign program that designed HoloDent at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have won Startup Open Israel award.

Successful trials for novel treatment

Israeli biotech Peritech announced successful results in its pivotal trials for PP-110 – an advanced treatment for hemorrhoids.  Worth reading here about how PP-110 works.

One device to check them all – anywhere

Israeli startup Tytocare is developing a handheld diagnostic device that enables a local nurse to check a patient’s ears, throat, heart and lungs, skin, temperature etc. and then send data and photos electronically to a medical specialist. Tytocare has just raised $11 million.


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