In his interview with Voice of Israel, United with Israel’s Executive Director David Zeit discusses the “Three Million Strong” milestone and the rampant disinformation campaign against Israel.

During his interview with Voice of Israel, Zeit spoke about the importance of sharing news content and the need to correct inaccuracies reported in the international press. While United with Israel would prefer to focus on the great things coming out of the Holy Land, Israel’s many enemies in the press necessitate defensive reporting to explain what is really going on in the world as it pertains to Israel.

In the interview with USA Radio Network, Zeit discusses the political situation, the Obama administration, Israeli politics and the United with Israel “Three Million Strong” campaign.

The audio files of the interview are a great way for people to learn about United with Israel. With close to three million supporters around the world, we have become a major source of news, Israel advocacy and a means for helping others through petitions, building bomb shelters, providing clothing to IDF soldiers and many other initiatives that benefit the people of Israel.

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