Rock star and pro-Israel activist David Draiman was featured on Voices of Israel to discuss Trevor Noah and the revelation of his anti-Semitic comments. 

Disturbed and Device lead singer David Draiman called in to Voice of Israel’s Yishai Fleisher in order to call out Trevor Noah, new host of “The Daily Show”, taking over from Jon Stewart. Noah had posted a number of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel tweets. While many claim that Noah was just joking, others say that the matter must not be taken lightly. Draiman explained that tweets degrading Jews are a symptom of anti-Semitism that must be fought.

This is the time for Jews to fight and resist the persecution of the past. As Draiman said in the discussion, “You have to stand-up… I don’t know how many broken bones over the course of my life… are directly from engaging anti-Semitism and fighting it. I remember every single one of them.”