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Join United with Israel at the New York City rally in Times Square on July 22 to protest the world’s dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

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As world powers have signed a surrender agreement with the Iranian Islamic regime, concerned Americans from all walks of life will be gathering in New York City’s Times Square to protest this bad nuclear deal.

On Wednesday, July 22, there will be a rally from 5:30-7:30 PM on 42nd St. and 7th Ave, where people will be standing as one and sending a clear message to Washington: Stop a Nuclear Iran Now!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pointed out that the Iran nuclear deal is a “mistake of historical proportions.”

As former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren explained in TIME magazine, “there are international inspections of the Iranians’ nuclear facilities but none that would actually catch them off guard. There are limits to the number of centrifuges with which Iran can enrich uranium to weapons grade, but only for a decade during which not a single centrifuge will be dismantled. And Iran can continue to research and develop more advanced technologies capable of producing nuclear weapons even faster.”

Even as negotiators in Vienna have made concession after concession to the militant Iranian regime, Iran has been increasing its hostility and aggression towards America and its allies.

As recent as June 7, a senior Iranian commander declared that “the U.S. will remain our enemy despite the emerging nuclear deal.”

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The repeated calls of “death to America, death to Israel” shouted in the streets and squares of Tehran even as the nuclear talks are being held, should be heard in the US, but Washington does not seem to want to listen.

The Iranian thirst and commitment for unbridled terrorism and destruction remains unquenched. Iran’s hostility to America and its allies is at its peak. It is time for the administration to take these threats seriously and to make sure that Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and funding for terrorism will be permanently blocked.

The lessons of Chamberlain’s concessions to Hitler in 1938 must be learned. Appeasing aggressive regimes does no good for anyone. Tyrannical regimes must not be allowed access to power and weapons. This is why we will be taking our message to the streets – together with tens of thousands of other concerned Americans.

Stand ‘United with Israel’ at the Rally!

The July 22 bipartisan rally will be addressed by former Governor of New York, George E. Pataki, former director of the CIA James Woolsey, Deputy Editor of the Jerusalem Post Caroline Glick, Alan Dershowitz, former members of the military and intelligence community, and many other distinguished guests.

Most importantly, the rally will be attended by thousands of concerned Americans, all of whom are worried with the grave prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear capabilities, and by the world’s appeasing attitude towards iran.

The rally is co-sponsored by a broad variety of organizations, including United with Israel, the Rabbinical Council of America, the Zionist Organization of America as well as dozens more – all of whom believe that a nuclear Iran must be stopped, now and forever.

It is important that as many people as possible attend the rally and publicly express to elected officials, and the world as a whole, our firm belief that a murderous regime the likes of Iran must not have any nuclear capabilities under any circumstances.

By Rabbi Elchanan Poupko and United with Israel Staff

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