Join a rally at the local office of your Congressional representative on August 31 to convince him or her to vote against the Iran nuclear deal or face the consequences.

Act Now for Israel

A new grassroots effort called “Stop Iran 535” has recently taken shape in an effort to convince US Members of Congress to reject the Iran nuclear deal.

The concept is simple: to let the 535 Members of Congress know that citizens are concerned about the recent deal with Iran – right after summer vacations have ended and right before they return to Washington to vote.

Let them know that their vote has serious consequences for America, Israel and the world. And tell them that future support may very well depend on their critical vote on this issue.

The aim is to have a coordinated network of 535 local rallies at the local offices of the 535 Members of Congress at 5:35pm on August 31st.

All of the information can be found on the StopIran535 website and Facebook page.



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