Dan Uzan. (Courtesy) (Courtesy)
Dan Uzan

Dan Uzan lost his life while protecting and saving others, and was honored for his heroism.  

Dan Uzan, a former Israeli who was killed by a jihadist terrorist in February while serving as a volunteer security guard for a Bat Mitzvah party at Copenhagen’s main synagogue, was elected Dane of the Year 2015.

The prize is bestowed annually by the Berlingske Media group following an election that is open to the public. Uzan’s father, mother and sister attended the award ceremony on his behalf.

“It means a lot to me that Dan gets the prize. I am proud, touched and grateful. It gives me strength and hope. I hope that it will spread to other parts of the population, so Dan’s death was not in vain, “said Uzan’s father Sergeot.

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen also attended the event to pay tribute to the victim, who was 37. In his speech, Rasmussen described the election of Uzan as “a wise choice.”

“Dan has been a symbol for a year marked by harsh circumstances. Dan has been a tragic picture of the threat under which Danish Jews are living. But first and foremost is Dan a real Danish everyday-hero. He stood out there at the front, even when it involved taking risks,” said the prime minister.