Yotam Kashpizky was beaten by a group of Arabs in Warsaw, Poland. (Barak Kashpizky/Facebook)


“Even the security guards at the club who were called to help didn’t lift a finger,” said the brother of one of those attacked.

A group of Israeli law students, studying in a summer semester program in Warsaw, was reportedly attacked by young Arab tourists outside a local night club.

Barak Kashpizky, the brother of Yotam Kashpizki, who was one of the victims of the attack, posted on his Facebook page, “My brother was attacked… allow me to call this a terror attack” because, he said, they were assaulted due to their being Jews and Israelis.

The attack was said to have taken place during the early hours of Sunday morning by “a group of Arabs.” According to the victim’s brother, there was no provocation.

“The Arabs began beating him and his friends only because they were Jewish,” Barak said. The group of Israelis was returning to their hotel from a nightclub, he posted.

The assailants reportedly asked the assailants if they were from Israel, and when they replied in the affirmative, the attackers shouted “f**k Israel” as they beat the Jewish students.

Yotam was in a taxi at the time and ran to try to rescue his friends, the reports say.

“An Arab man, who was apparently wearing brass knuckles, punched him and Yotam lost consciousness,” said Barak. “Afterward, another friend came out of another taxi in order to help.”

At that point, some girls in the Israeli group began to scream and the attackers fled, according to the account posted on social media.

Barak charges that none of the Polish bystanders did anything to help.

“Even the security guards at the club who were called to help didn’t lift a finger,” he said.

“Yes, 2019, Warsaw, Poland, and the reality is returning,” Barak lamented. “Poles stand by and watch, while people ‘not of their people’ beat Jews to the point that they lose consciousness. Today it’s my brother, tomorrow it will be one of your relatives.”

“The event is well known to us, and is being taken care of, both by the ministry here in Jerusalem and by the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman told Ynet.

Those hurt have been released from the hospital. Warsaw police announced that they are investigating the attack.

Poland’s Ambassador to Israel Marek Magierowski called the attack “a despicable act of barbarism,” Ynet said.