The ATTO. (Moving Life)


Israeli start-up Moving Life has designed ATTO, a unique scooter that is compact and can be folded and carried anywhere.

Israel is not short of start-ups. In fact, there are hundreds constantly popping up and improving the lives of many people around the world.

One such start-up is Moving Life, which has developed a mobility scooter called the “ATTO” and which has been dubbed “the world’s first freedom scooter.” It is fully foldable and detachable, and offers its users freedom to travel on their own.

It can easily fold into the trunk of a car or taxi and can even be taken onto flights and stored into the airplane’s overhead luggage compartment.

ATTO is changing the lives of those who are disabled or elderly.

Here is the story of Nirit, an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patient who says the ATTO has changed her life and is now able to be herself again:


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