Lumen metabolism measuring device (Website)

Through just one daily breath, this gadget tells you what is best to eat for your particular metabolism.

Lumen, an Israeli industry leader in metabolic health, is showcasing the “first device to hack your metabolism” at the CES Tech exhibition, January 7-10.

The handheld device and app measures metabolism, the chemical process that converts food into energy, in real-time. It then provides a daily, personalized meal plan through one’s smartphone. It helps with “weight loss, workouts and healthy nutrition decision making,” according to the website.

Upon waking, a person inhales a fixed volume of air through the device, holds it for 10 seconds, and exhales fully into it. It then evaluates the concentration of CO2, which determines whether one’s body is being fueled through carbohydrates or fats. Over time, Lumen shares with the user the most appropriate diet for a person’s metabolism.

The user is sent personalized recommendations on nutrition as well as guidance on sleep, exercise and more.

“You don’t need to guess how much sugar was in that kung pao chicken or how many calories you did on that run,” founder Dror Cedar said, according to the BBC.

Before this innovation, metabolism could only be measured through a costly and time-consuming test in a hospital or clinic. Either blood was evaluated through the RQ test or breath was evaluated through a respiratory exchange ratio (RER) test.

Through the gadget’s breath sensor and flow meter, Lumen uses the core data from RER to allow simple, daily metabolic measurements in the comfort of one’s home.

Multiple studies have found the device accurately measures metabolic fuel usage. It is expected to go on sale this summer for about $300.