Israeli startup Morf has sent the fashion world into a spin with its patented shirt that can be worn up to 24 different ways, and a satellite to Jupiter will carry an Israeli-developed atomic clock technology-based device to detect any signals of life.

By: Michael Ordman



24 ways to wear one shirt

Israeli startup Morf has sent the fashion world into a spin with its patented shirt that can be worn up to 24 different ways. Morf raised 524 percent of its crowdfunding goal, attracting $131,089 from 1,788 backers. It should at least provide for some extra space in the suitcase. There is also a Morf dress.

Israeli tech headed to Jupiter

The JUICE satellite of the 3GM (Gravity & Geophysics of Jupiter and Galilean Moons) Project will carry an atomic clock technology-based device to detect any signals of life. The device was developed by Israeli firm AccuBeat, working with the Weizmann Institute’s Dr. Yohai Kaspi,

Kishon River flow restored

As part of the ongoing rehabilitation efforts of the once highly polluted Kishon River, about 1.1 million cubic meters of water is being pumped annually into the basin to restore its flow. High quality fresh water is being used, which has encouraged native Israeli flora and fauna to return and flourish.

The FoodTech Nation

The first Foodtech Nation Conference, in Tel Aviv, brought together entrepreneurs, academics and corporate executives from Israel and abroad to examine how made-in-Israel food technology can help manufacturers produce processed food that is easier to store, cheaper to produce, and healthier to eat.

Joint research with China

Israel and China are to conduct joint research into scientific fields including the human brain, nano-technology, 3D printing, bio-medicine, renewable energy, computer science, smart cities and aging populations. China will invest $5 million and Israel $1 million.

Clean solar energy

One of the many Israeli companies exhibiting at the COP 21 Climate Conference in Paris was Ecoppia with its smart, robotic, water-free solar panel cleaning system.

80 genomes mapped in 12 months

Israel’s NRGene has assembled more than 80 complete genomes over the past 12 months – an average of one every 4.5 days. The data from NRGene’s DeNovoMAGIC version 2 can be utilized for pinpointed trait analysis, in order to deliver better crops and thus benefiting billions of lives.

Safe surface for European playgrounds

Israel’s “Pashut Yarok” (“Simply Green” in Hebrew) is exporting “shockpads” – plastic foam safety surfaces for childrens’ playgrounds – to countries in the European Union. The shockpads are installed under synthetic grass to absorb the shock if a child falls.

Deaf father is impetus for son’s startup

Israeli Zeev Gruber got the idea for his startup Vocavu when he no longer could tolerate the noise of his deaf dad’s radio. Vocavu transforms speech from radio and TV into text that you can read on your smartphone. It also then displays content relevant to the subject of the broadcast.

Flying car completes first untethered test flight

The Air Mule from Israel’s Tactical Robotics has successfully completed its first autonomous, untethered flight at Israel’s Megiddo airfield.



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