Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir (MFA)

The annual Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival will bring sunshine to a chilly Jerusalem; Guns ‘n Roses are coming back; hit Israeli TV series “Fauda” will soon be available for streaming on Netflix, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman


Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival warms up Jerusalem

The annual Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival 15-21 Dec will bring a bit of sunshine to a chilly Jerusalem. Hullegeb means “open to everyone/everything” and the festival is dedicated to creations by artists of Ethiopian origin in the fields of dance, music and theater.

Guns ‘n Roses are coming back

I reported previously (Jul 2012) when legends of Rock Guns ‘N Roses with Axl Rose were last in Israel in 2012. They are returning in the summer (probably July 15) and this time are bringing guitarist Slash with them.

Stranglers in Tel Aviv

English punk-rock band “The Stranglers” performed some of their classic hits at Tel Aviv’s Charles Bronfman Auditorium on Nov 17, including “Golden Brown” and “No More Heroes”.

Another Israeli TV series goes global

The hit Israeli TV series “Fauda” will soon be available for streaming on Netflix, which purchased the rights to it from Israel’s YES satellite TV company. “Fauda” (Arabic for “chaos”) is about a team of Israeli undercover counter-terrorism operatives.

Crossroads – Janglo Night Run

Crossroads Jerusalem has organized a night run on Dec 8 to help fund its critically-needed programs and social services for at-risk, English-speaking youth in Israel. Crossroads supports the homeless, those struggling with drug addiction and social, emotional, and educational difficulties and victims of violence/domestic abuse.


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