Illustrative – Thermal imaging of a person coughing. (Shutterstock)


Israeli company specializing in driverless car technology is developing new system to enable mass screening for detection of COVID-19 symptoms by using cameras and artificial intelligence.

Israeli hi-tech company Foresight is developing a mass screening solution for the detection of COVID-19 symptoms based on visible-light and thermal cameras.

The company based in the Nes Ziona hi-tech park just south of Tel Aviv is known for developing “threat detection” solutions for driverless cars. The technical gurus at Foresight realized that the products they are developing to “revolutionize automotive safety” could be modified to detect people who are exhibiting coronavirus symptoms without having to come in contact with potential carriers.

“Accurate touch-free mass screening will help detect potential coronavirus patients in order to allow quick isolation and eventually prevent the spread of this and similar viruses,” the company said, adding that their solution is intended to quickly screen large groups of people in high traffic areas such as airports, hospitals, sports stadiums, universities and shopping malls.

Foresight’s technology combines both visible-light and thermal imaging cameras coupled with artificial intelligence to identify the six leading COVID-19 symptoms including cough, fever and signs of fatigue. The company filed a U.S. patent application and say their detection of symptoms will be fast should increase the likelihood of accurate results.

“Our extensive experience with thermal imaging and AI can be invaluable when applied to a detection solution for early symptoms of the coronavirus,” said Foresight CEO Haim Siboni. “Several prospective customers have already expressed interest in evaluating our unique technology.”

Foresight was launched in 2015 as a spinoff of Magna, an Israeli company that for over 20 years has been producing military grade 3D video surveillance solutions. It specializes in solutions for driverless vehicles to improve driving safety.