The Israeli app Sidekix is marketed as the fun way to find your way – without a car; Israel’s SkyFi aims to launch a network of tiny satellites to bring the Internet to remote parts of the planet, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



A Waze for walkers

The Israeli app Sidekix is marketed as the fun way to find your way – without a car. The urban on-foot navigation app customizes routes based on the interests and needs of its users.

Seeding space with nanosatellites

Israel’s SkyFi aims to launch a network of tiny satellites to bring the Internet to remote parts of the planet. Here is more info of Israeli satellite developments. Also a new video from SkyFi with a nice pro-Israel touch at one minute 30 secs.

A roof-top farm

Israel’s Aleinu aeroponic farm sits on the rooftop of the Mishor Adumim industrial park in the desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. It employs some 20 people – Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, Israeli-born and immigrants. The herbs and lettuces grow in humid air, without soil or water.


Proteins to control insects

Israel’s Evogene has demonstrated the ability of certain proteins to act against pest insects. These can be developed into new varieties of insect-resistant seeds or as spray-able bio-insecticides.


Find the chords for any song

Israeli music platform Utab has developed an algorithm that can analyze a chord from a recording of any song in just 15 seconds. It simplifies the task of finding the most accurate chords to play.


See it, scan it, buy it

Israel’s Mobilibuy has developed a free, simple to use, iOS and Android app that allows users to scan product images from magazines or screens and then instantly buy the product. The app is now available for download and is compatible with the entire June issue of COSMO magazine.

Protect your GPS system

Focus Telecom has developed GPSDome – the first low-cost protection against GPS jammers. GPS jamming is used by rogue governments and criminals to disrupt industry and security. GPSDome’s algorithms streamline the deflection of radio-frequency interference from the jammers.

Drone tech for North Dakota farmers

Israeli-developed Hermes 450 unmanned aircraft are being tested by farmers in North Dakota. The images from on-board cameras will provide a real-time aerial view of how their fields are progressing, allowing them to make fast agricultural management decisions.

Merging architecture and biology

A group of Israeli scientists and architects, including Nobel Prize-winner Professor Dan Shechtman, have created “Life Object: Merging Architecture and Biology,” a large-scale structure inspired by a 3D scan of a bird’s nest. It is displayed at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy.


Jerusalem hosts Wikimedia Hackathon 2016

Jerusalem was this year’s hosting city for the annual Wikimedia Hackathon. 120 participants from 17 different countries gathered for a weekend dedicated to developing new features in Wikimedia technology, to help reach more countries and more languages.

Gibraltar turns on wave energy system

Gibraltar’s wave-energy plant built by Israel’s Eco Wave Power has now been officially “switched-on” by Fabian Picardo – Chief Minister of Gibraltar. The project is Europe’s first grid-connected wave energy array.


A formidable array of Israeli speakers will be presenting at this year’s Cybertech conference and startup exhibition in Beverley Hills on June 30.



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