Flooding in Paraguay (USAid via Twitter)

Paraguay, which experienced massive flooding in the month of December, is the latest Israeli destination for providing expert humanitarian assistance to countries in need.

In its latest global humanitarian efforts, Israel announced that it will provide food and assistance kits to Paraguayans impacted by massive flooding.

“The State of Israel is sympathetic to our sister nation of Paraguay in this difficult moment when thousands of citizens have been forced to leave their homes behind,” said the Israeli Embassy in the Paraguayan capital Asuncion. “We are ready to support the government to provide humanitarian aid.”

Some 100,000 people in Asuncion have been displaced from their homes due to massive flooding of the Paraguay River from El Niño storms during December.

Israel re-opened its embassy in Asuncion last summer. The Jewish state and Paraguay have a free trade agreement and cooperate in the areas of water, agriculture, education, and medicine.

By: JNS.org