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Agritech 2015

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Agrivest 2015

AgriVest 2015 partners (L to R): Gideon Soesman, co-founder and managing partner, GreenSoil Investments; Nitza Kardish, CEO, Trendlines Agtech; Oded Distel, director of Invest in Israel at the Israeli Ministry of Economy. (trendlines.com)

The Agritech 2015 conference in Israel brought entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts from around the world to address the production and global distribution of food.

Experts say that the world’s population is expected to explode over the next three decades from its current seven billion people to as many as ten billion by the year 2050. This increase of roughly 43 percent has many social and governmental organizations concerned. With approximately 10% of the world’s population underfed or starving, if we do not find ways to increase our global food supply without depleting its nourishing capability, the world may be in trouble.

Enter Agritech, an annual international agricultural exhibition held in Israel. Agritech marked its 19th event this year, but three years ago it added a new conference, called Agrivest, featuring innovators in agricultural technology from around the world. This program provides a platform for them to network with venture capitalists in order to accelerate and promote companies that are revolutionizing the growth, production and distribution of food around the world.

This year, more than 350 attendees joined international entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts for the third AgriVest Conference. Collaboration was the theme of the event, which was held on April 27 at the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science. Agtech, or Agricultural Technology, is rapidly becoming an exciting industry sector, and while the conference featured exhibitors and investors from many countries, it has been noted that Israel is pulling ahead as a world leader in the field.

Throughout the day, 12 selected Start-up’s pitched the audience, which was asked to vote after each presentation. Although the competition was close, the winner was an Israeli company called DouxMatok.

Founded in 2014, DouxMatok has managed find a way to enhance the sweetness of sugars while significantly reducing actual sugar consumption. This results in reduced caloric values of foods and beverages, retaining the taste and “energizing effect” of sugar without any aftertaste.

While many of the innovators featured in both the Agrivest and Agritech conferences are exploring fascinating technologies, it is interesting to note that Israel is once again on the front lines of making the world a better place for everyone.



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