The MDA trainers with the Filipino first-responders. (Facebook)


Israeli emergency response experts are sharing their know-how in the Philippines, teaching others how to save lives.

Israel’s Magen David Adom (MDA ) emergency medical service earlier this month held  a mass casualty incident drill in the Philippines to train the local services in cutting-edge techniques to handle such complex and challenging scenarios.

The drill was held as part of MDA’s collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross, which began over two years ago.

The Philippines is a country prone to hazards that require skilled medical and rescue forces due to address fallout from natural disasters such as high-speed typhoons, active volcanoes, strong earthquakes and even armed conflicts.

The training, led by the Philippine Red Cross in collaboration with MDA, the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the Israeli Embassy in the Philippines and the American Red Cross, focused on response to Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) in order to strengthen lifesaving capabilities and emergency response in the country.

As part of the training, the teams participated in a practical simulation in Batangas.

The drill was conducted by Israeli-trained graduates of two EMT courses. The director of the simulated MCI was a graduate of Israeli training, and was able to apply her newly acquired skills in the drill.

Israel is a world leader in emergency response, with much of its knowledge accumulated due to wave after wave of Palestinian terrorism. With this knowledge, Israeli experts help train emergency responders around the globe.