ISIS flag (AP)


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of an Islamic State flag in a Tel Aviv penthouse.

Several flags related to Islam, including an Islamic State (ISIS) flag, were seen hanging on the outdoor balcony of a penthouse apartment in Tel Aviv, Arutz Sheva reported. Police have launched an investigation.

The residential building is located on Recanati Street in a well-to-do neighborhood of northern Tel Aviv.

Following complaints from neighbors who noticed the flags, the building’s maintenance manager climbed up to the roof and discovered the flags.

According to a report in Yediot Aharonoth, the manager said the building is undergoing renovations, and strangers may have gained access to the balcony from outside from the scaffolding. The penthouse owners are reportedly abroad.

Tel Aviv residents are currently on edge following Friday’s fatal shooting of civilians on Dizengoff Street, one of the city’s most popular areas, which claimed the lives of two men and wounded seven more. The murderer, an Arab Israeli, is still on the loose.