Iranians visit a military show marking the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Feb. 3, 2019. (AP/Vahid Salemi)


Netanyahu poked fun at Iran’s recently failed satellite launch.


Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu poked fun at Iran after its failed attempt to launch the “Zafar” satellite into orbit on Sunday.

The satellite has been designed for imaging and communications and landed in the Indian Ocean after the failed launch.

Speaking at a campaign event on Sunday night, Netanyahu said that “we were told today that Iran failed to launch a satellite.”

“They also fail to deliver weapons to Syria and Lebanon because we operate there all the time, including these days,” he stated, referring to Israeli strikes in Syria against Iranian targets, the last which reportedly occurred on Wednesday night.

The Israeli Air Force over the past years has carried out thousands of attacks to thwart Iran’s entrenchment in the war-torn country.

Strikes against targets in Syria reportedly carried out by Israel are usually meant to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons from Iran through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon, or to thwart Iran’s military buildup in the country, and especially on Syria’s border with Israel.

Iran uses its positions in Syria to transfer weapons and infrastructure to its terror proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, while attempting to establish another military front against Israel from the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

Iran’s military buildup in Syria remains a red line for Israel.