Israeli forces in the Jordan Valley (illustrative) (FLASH90)


A Jordanian arms smuggler was shot and wounded by Israeli security forces while attempting to enter Israel early Wednesday morning.


A Jordanian arms smuggler, aged 49, was taken to a Tiberius hospital for treatment with light injuries after being shot by the IDF during an infiltration attempt.

No Israelis were injured in the attack.

He was caught trying to smuggle an extensive amount of weapons worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, including six rifles and nine handguns.

The IDF launched flares during the incident, causing fires in the area. The fires were brought under control.

Another smuggler fled back into Jordan.

The incident occurred in the northern Jordan Valley, an area in which similar weapons smuggling attempts have been made in recent months. The IDF has detected an increase in the number of smuggling attempts in recent months.

Israel’s border with Jordan is usually peaceful. Fenced in many areas, it serves as a smuggling route for drugs and weapons from Jordan into Israel.