IDF female tank crew. (IDF Spokesperson Unit)


The IDF warned Hamas terrorists that Israel “is ready for action.”


The IDF has bombed some 100 Hamas military targets in the Gaza trip in recent weeks, the military revealed Tuesday.

Responding to rocket and arson balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip, the IDF has attacked about 100 Hamas terror targets in 19 nights.

The targets included some 35 military complexes in key structures, 30 underground infrastructure assets and 20 military positions.

“These attacks constitute significant damage to the infrastructure and military intensification of the Hamas terrorist organization,” the IDF stated.

The IDF “is ready for action as far as it is needed to protect the residents of the south,” it added.

Hamas claimed Monday that it had reached understandings with Israel on a number of issues and will cease attacks on the Jewish state, for the time being.

The rogue terror organization, which rules the Gaza Strip, has announced it will cease arson balloon attacks on Israel’s south, which have increased in recent weeks.

Israel announced it will reopen the Kerem Shalom crossing into the Strip and allow the entry of goods and fuels, and will enable fishing off Gaza’s coast up to 15 nautical miles. Israel banned these entry and fishing at this distance after Hamas renewed its attacks on Israel a few weeks ago.

In recent weeks, terrorists in the Gaza Strip have been launching balloons tied to flammable materials and explosive charges into communities in the vicinity of the Strip.

The arson attacks have ignited fires, but no one was injured in the attacks and no damage to property was caused.

However, the KKL-JNF stated that hundreds of fires have consumed thousands of acres, and much damage was caused to trees and animals in the affected areas.

Environmental experts ‎say it ‎‎‎‎will take at least 15 years to rehabilitate ‎the ‎‎‎‎vegetation and wildlife that have been destroyed.‎