A group of Arabs who were tortured by the Palestinian Authority have learned that human rights groups seem interested only in cases that harm Israel’s reputation.

After winning a landmark victory in July when the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Palestinian Authority (PA) bore responsibility for the torture and unlawful detention of Arabs who had collaborated with Israel, going back the 1990s, torture victims are now facing a new, unexpected challenge from the very human rights organizations formed to protect them.

While the earlier legal victory provided grounds on which the victims could sue the PA for the harm it caused them, human rights organizations have so far refused to provide the assistance these victims need in order to proceed, according to a recent report by Arutz Sheva. Specifically, these human rights organizations will not help the torture victims locate a doctor to assess their damages.

The victims’ attorney, Barak Kedem, told the Israeli news outlet NRG that every rights organization approached had refused to help his clients, reported Arutz Sheva. Kedem explained that these organizations told him they only help people who sue Israel. Kedem noted the importance of finding the proper doctors, which is a crucial component of the cases his clients hope to pursue.

Among the ailments from which the torture victims suffer are physical and psychological trauma associated with their treatment at the hands of the PA.