Palestinian children during a kindergarten play. (Screenshot)

A hate-filled kindergarten performance provides another example of Palestinians educating a new generation to hate Jews and seek Israel’s destruction.

Since President Donald Trump declared last month that the US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Palestinians have rioted and protested in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

Children and adolescents have been corralled into the campaign, with some schools closed to allow students to participate in violent demonstrations.

Even kindergarten-aged children have been recruited for the protest campaign.

For example, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad-affiliated ( (PIJ) al-Huda kindergarten in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City presented a performance on December 19 teaching children that it is their holy and sacred duty to kill Jews and seek Israel’s destruction, while promoting Palestinian takeover of Jerusalem.

In the play, some of the children acted the part of Muslims praying on the Temple Mount while surrounded by Israeli security forces. During the prayers the “IDF soldiers” kill some of the Muslims. In response, the others overcome the “soldiers,” kill them and take their weapons. Then they wave Palestinian flags and signs reading “Jerusalem is ours.”

The performance was accompanied by martial music and a song praising the struggle and death of Muslim martyrs, shahids, for the sake of Allah.

Photos of the ghastly event were proudly posted on the kindergarten’s Facebook page. Similarly, a video of the performance was uploaded to social media networks.

Inculcating Hatred from An Early Age

“The performance, which was part of the campaign currently being waged against the Trump declaration, is another example of the brainwashing of children encouraging violence against Israel which begins in kindergarten,” declared the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), which reported the incident.

“It is part of Palestinian education, both formal and informal, which fosters a culture of hatred that fuels terrorism, violence and anti-Israeli incitement,” the ITIC underscored. “National and religious perception is inculcated from an early age, as is the anti-Israeli narrative, which teaches them that an armed struggle against Israel is the way liberate ‘Palestine’.”

This was not the first time al-Huda kindergarten children put on a performance encouraging the killing of Israelis. For instance, at the school’s closing end-of-the-year party in May, it put on a performance in which students “killed” children dressed as Orthodox Jews at a roadblock, playing operatives of Hamas’ elite Nukhba forces. According to the play’s story-line, the attack was in retaliation for “Jews” who had killed a Palestinian boy and his sister.

The al-Huda kindergarten is operated by the Dar al-Huda Islamic Charity Association. The association was founded in the Gaza Strip in 1993 and registered according to law with the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1995. It operates in the Gaza Strip, focusing mainly on childcare and providing health and welfare services.

It is closely affiliated with the PIJ, although the association minimizes the link in official websites. PIJ operates 12 kindergartens in the Gaza Strip and two schools, one in the Zeitun neighborhood and one in Bet Lahia.

The chairman of the board is Sheikh Omar Fura, also known as Abu Usama, a senior PIJ figure in the Gaza Strip. He also preaches in the mosques in the Gaza Strip and represents the PIJ at various events.

The PA educational system routinely poisons the minds of Palestinian children by educating them to hate Israel and Israelis and through terror-promoting messages. In addition to school plays, the PA use other cultural mediums such as sports events and summer camps for this objective.