Professional marathon runner Beatie Deutsch. (courtesy)

After this orthodox, Nike-sponsored mother of five conquered the Jerusalem Marathon, she set her sights on the Olympics!

As one of the top three female distance runners in Israel, Beatie Deutsch is an inspiration to anyone familiar with her journey.

On any given day, the orthodox Jewish mother of five can be found running the streets of Jerusalem during one of her twice daily workouts, the first of which she undertakes at the crack of dawn and the last of which she often completes late in the evening after putting her children to sleep.

Deutsch clocks a totals 90 miles per week, according to recent profile by Ozy.

“I just totally transformed [through running],” Deutsch said, according to Ozy. “I was a better mother and wife. As moms, we sometimes put ourselves last, thinking we’re doing everyone favors, but we do a much better job when we take care of ourselves first.”

With children ranging in age from nine to two years old, Deutsch makes her workouts a family affair, pushing her youngest in a stroller while her oldest jogs alongside her during portions of her runs.

Her dedicated husband, Michael, is her greatest fan, showing support and pride in his wife’s accomplishments.

Deutsch, 30, is only 5′ 3”. In line with orthodox Jewish values, she covers her hair and runs in traditional modest clothing: a knee-length skirt, leggings, and 3/4 length sleeved shirt. Despite warnings that modest dress will slow her down, she remains steadfast in her beliefs, unwilling to comprise her values for any reason.

According to Michael, his wife’s determination has turned her name into a figure of speech. “It’s a verb — to ‘Beatie’ something means to just force it until it goes,” Michael said, according to Ozy. “Beatie sets her mind to something, and she does it.”

The runner grew up in an orthodox home in the US that didn’t have a television and her exposure to sports was limited.

Only four years ago, she took up running. Today, Nike sponsors her efforts to make it into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, representing Israel.

The Olympic hopeful hired Amit Ne’eman, a professional runner, to be her coach. At first, he was worried that her modest clothing would cause her to overheat in the Israeli heat. However, he now believes fully in her athletic ability, as well as supporting her faith.

“This is Beatie, dressed as she is, built as she is, with five children, OK. OK! Let’s go on and work with what we have,” Ne’eman said, according to Ozy.

The runner spent seven weeks this summer, with her family, training at altitude in Mammoth Lakes, California. While there, she met Deena Kastor, an Olympic medalist and American marathon record holder.

“The traits of Beatie’s success can be attributed to many things, but the support from her family and her own determination stand out as superior,” Kastor said. Kastor believes that Deutsch could make it to the Olympics even though the standards to qualify are high, noting that “she has no limits.”

Deutsch maintains an Instagram account, called “marathonmother” where she describes herself as a “Proud Jewish Momma & Ambassador of Hashem.” She has nearly 8,500 followers.

She is already a credit to mothers everywhere for her dedication, determination and ability to juggle so many roles at once. Should she make it into the Olympics, with modest dress, head covering, and family cheering on, she will also bring glory to God and the Nation of Israel.

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