A Hezbollah supporter holds a placard depicting its leader, arch-terrorist Hassan Nasrallah. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)


Despite mounting evidence pointing to Hezbollah’s possible role in the deadly August 4 Beirut blast, the terror group continues to promote the myth that Israel was involved.

The leader of the ruthless Hezbollah terror group on Friday claimed any international investigation of the horrific August 4 blast in Beirut could not be trusted.

The official number of casualties in the blast stands at 178, but many credible sources think the actual number is far higher. Thousands were injured and hundreds of thousands lost their homes.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah said the first step is to investigate Israel’s role, despite the lack of any credible evidence pointing to the Jewish state’s involvement and no objective third party even intimating Israel is behind the tragedy.

Israel, for its part, immediately offered Lebanon medical aid, notwithstanding the fact that the Arab nation is officially at war with Israel.

Lebanon refused the desperately needed assistance and its president, Hezbollah puppet Michel Aoun, claimed Israel is one of the culprits being investigated.

On Friday, arch-terrorist Nasrallah threatened Israel “with an equally devastating response.”

Setting aside Hezbollah’s ridiculous propaganda and lies, Israel has produced proof via satellite images and other actual evidence that the terror group stores rockets and missiles in civilian locations such as homes, houses of worship and restaurants.

As a corollary, the most plausible theory regarding the August 4 Beirut blast is that it was caused by a 2,700-ton storehouse of ammonium nitrate that Hezbollah planned to use in bombs in a future war with Israel.

Hezbollah’s penchant for storing ammonium nitrate to make bombs has been proven in Europe. Several months ago, Israel’s Mossad security reportedly provided Germany with evidence that the terror group maintained secret stashes of the explosive agent, which led Germany to enact a ban the terror group, JNS reported.

In 2019, The Daily Telegraph published reports of a raid on four London locations where the terror group stored three tons of ammonium nitrate.

French investigators and FBI counterparts are planning to assist in the Beirut investigation, which could spell trouble for Hezbollah.