Angola is the latest African country to benefit from Israel’s cutting-edge technology.  

Israel has allocated $60 million to invest in the construction of a solar power plant in the coastal Benguela province in Angola to upgrade the provision of power in the area and boost its industry.

Israeli ambassador to Angola Oren Rosenblat told journalists on Wednesday after a meeting with the provincial Governor Rui Falcão that the plan was green-lighted, and stressed that the Israeli program was formulated in response to a request from the local government, local media reported.

Rosenblat explained that the province of Benguela suffers from irregularities in the production and distribution of electricity, and the project aims to rectify this problem, with an emphasis on powering its industrial park.

The solar plant, capable of producing 50 megawatts, will be built by an Israeli company as part of a project that Israel has developed in the last five years for sustainable growth in African countries.

Rosenblat also emphasized that Israel’s primary focus in Benguela is the agricultural sector. Israel has invested $300 million in the agricultural sector in Angola since 2014.

The US and Israel in December 2017 pledged to work together to reduce energy poverty in Africa.

Israel has developed some of the world’s most advanced solar energy equipment and enjoys a nearly endless supply of sunshine.

Israel was crowned as the leading force in 2014 in the development of clean technologies, beating 40 other countries.

Israel’s cleantech projects are globally renowned, with innovative ideas such as powering entire buildings through the use of solar panels, converting wind into electricity, new technologies for clean water and many other inventions that are making the world cleaner and more energy-efficient.

Israel has a long history of sharing its expertise with African countries, and Jerusalem hopes that stronger ties will lead to a shift in voting trends at the UN and other global forums, thus reversing what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has labeled the “automatic majority against Israel.”


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