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George Deek


Good News Israel presents Israel’s Palestinian Arab diplomat, the IDF now caters to vegans and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Israel’s Palestinian Arab diplomat

George Deek is a Christian Arab whose family fled to Lebanon in 1948 but returned to the Jewish State.  George is an Israeli diplomat and an amazing speaker.


The IDF now caters to vegans

The Israel Defense Forces is providing new culinary options for vegan soldiers.  To date, bases nationwide offered vegetarian menus, and vegan soldiers received a special allowance to purchase vegan foods.


Israeli-American Conference

The Israeli American Council is holding its second annual conference in Washington in October.  It will bring together over 1,000 Israeli-American leaders from throughout the US.


India’s President to visit Israel

It is reported that India’s President Pranab Mukherjee will make the first historic visit of an Indian statesman to Israel in October.


Israeli-trained Indian SWAT team ends terror siege

A 28-commando Indian SWAT team trained by Israel in 2010 ended an apparent terrorist siege at a police station in the Punjab, near the Pakistan border.  An Indian intelligence officer stated “This was their first operation since they were trained. And they have done well.”


The 23rd best university in the world

The Saudi Arabia-based Center for World University Rankings has ranked the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at number 23 on its list of the best 1,000 universities in the world.  The Hebrew U is one of the very top universities outside of the United States.


Tel Aviv is the world’s top non-US startup hub

The Compass Global Startup Ecosystem has placed Tel Aviv as the best startup center outside of the US.  It commended Tel Aviv’s uniquely high-quality talent and ability to develop startups and attract global capital.




Israel funds startups to solve world problems

The Israeli Government is offering funding of up to NIS 500,000 ($130,000) in the 2nd round of “Grand Challenges Israel” for up to 10 companies with innovative technology that could solve problems in Africa, Asia, South America, and poverty-stricken areas in the West.


Nigeria’s speaker praises Israel

Nigeria now has a Muslim President, but the Speaker of its House of Representatives, Dogara Yakabu, was most impressed during the first Nigerian youth pilgrimage to Israel.  He urged pilgrims to open their intellect and learn agricultural skills from the innovative spirit of Israel.


Israel supports Nairobi Innovation Week

Israel’s Ambassador to Kenya Yahel Vilan is helping the University of Nairobi, Kenya with its Innovation Week beginning on Aug 3rd.



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