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Stem cell


Good News Israel presents stem cells may repair damaged lungs; Israeli medics at Dubai conference and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Stem cells may repair damaged lungs

A study by Weizmann Institute scientists has shown that embryonic stem cells may be able to repair damaged lung tissue and help alleviate chronic respiratory disease. Mice with damaged lungs were injected with these cells and in six weeks their breathing had improved. (Nature medicine)

Good early results in Universal flu vaccine tests

Preliminary results from the Phase 2 clinical trials of Universal Flu vaccine M-001 from Israel’s BiondVax have shown the treatment to be effective and safe. Recipients showed an immune response against strains not included in the standard flu vaccine.

Israeli medics at Dubai conference

Israel’s emergency response organization United Hatzalah attended a first-ever conference in the Arab Emirate, Dubai on improving medical and emergency care around the world. Hatzalah explained how Israeli hi-tech, volunteers and motorcycle ambulances dramatically cut response times.

Israeli cancer research charity gets top rating

The Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) received a top 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator, the world’s premier charity evaluator. ICRF has given 2,115 grants worth over $52 million to Israeli cancer researchers, leading to significant breakthroughs.

Analyzing disease at the single-cell level

Israeli scientists are working with those at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT to help eradicate diseases at the cellular level. One Israeli scientist at Broad has published a paper of which of the 20,000 genes is essential to particular cancer cells, and therefore weak spots to target.

A medical wonderland for healing kids

Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center has just opened its Wilf Children’s Hospital. It has several facilities to calm young patients, including an animal house, music school, arts and craft therapy, books and games libraries and Israel’s specialty – medical clowns.

Israeli vets save tooth of US peacekeeping dog

Veterinary surgeons at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem operated on Belgian Shepherd dog Dano to repair a canine tooth broken during service with the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai. Dano broke the same tooth during previous service in Afghanistan.


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