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Remote carjacking


Good News Israel presents preventing carjacking; Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to touchdown in Israel and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Preventing carjacking

Israeli startup Argus currently has the world’s only effective system to detect and prevent the kind of electronic attack launched recently on a Jeep Cherokee in St Louis. Argus analyzes data transmitted to a vehicle’s IP address and only accepts genuine commands.

Lunar landing

The second man to ever walk on the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 85, is scheduled to make his first touchdown in Israel when he attends the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem in October. Aldrin’s 1969 Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong visited Israel several years ago.

All for one and one for all

If you need to use Israeli app Musketeer to call for help in an emergency, you should get a very fast response. The nearest Musketeers (professionals and do-gooders) will come to your aid and stay with you until the official emergency services arrive. Another caring app from the Jewish State.

An on-line makeover

Busy women entrepreneurs who haven’t time to spend trying on cosmetics can now use the app TryItOn from Israel’s EZ Face. It connects to a database of 25,000 beauty products. Take a selfie in the store and then scan the Universal Product Code (UPC) of any cosmetic to see what it would look like.

Joint space projects with Florida

The Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program has awarded second round funding to four innovative joint space-related projects. The Israeli beneficiaries are Micro-gRx, Israel Aerospace Industries, STEMRAD and Elbit Systems Land.

Security for ARM chips

Microprocessor manufacturing giant ARM has bought Israel’s Sansa Security for at least $85 million. Sansa has developed embedded security for microchips – which will be very useful for ARM as the market for Internet-connected devices increases. Sansa will become ARM’s Israeli R&D center.

Israeli drones to protect Australian sheep

Israel’s Ninox Robotics and Bluebird Aerosystems are employing Israeli drones with thermal imaging to guard farms from pests such as kangaroos and wild dogs. It saves farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of sheep, plus hours spent defending them.

Elbit new cyber security unit

Israel’s Elbit has launched a new cyber security unit called Cyberbit. It has two separate departments – one, focusing on law enforcement unit and the other being the Cybershield department, for detecting and defending against cyber attacks.

Technion produces the 8th most Nobel laureates

The Technion Israel Institute of Technology topped the list of institutions outside the US with the most Nobel prizewinners this century.


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