Park Ranger Afiw Bkreia (r) with baby’s father. (United Hatzalah)

Park ranger rescues baby in Galilee nature park; Israel’s Nuancehear helps children with ADHD; Israel’s OCON Healthcare goes global; and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Park ranger saves choking baby

Just a nice story featuring Afiw Bkreia, a park ranger at Nachal Amud in Israel’s Galilee. Afiw volunteers as a United Hatzalah paramedic, is a member of the canine rescue team, runs a photo club and much more. So, he did not panic when given a lifeless baby that was choking on a banana.

Helping ADHD children to hear the teacher

Israel’s Nuancehear has developed the “Sound Selector” to help students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The device filters background noise to help focus on hearing a teacher or lecturer. A trial on 31 students with Clalit Health Services has been positive.

Treating intrauterine conditions

Israel’s OCON Healthcare has been awarded $13 million of orders for its Intra Uterine Ball (IUB) proprietary platform. The purchasers are South America’s DKT and UK’s Consilient Healthcare, where the product will be fully reimbursed by the National Health Service.

Covid-19 one-second gargle test

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is trialing a gargle-and-spit test that is 95% accurate in detecting Covid-19 infections. The USB-powered machine is the size of an ashtray and takes just one second to conduct light analysis of gargled mouthwash. Results from standard PCR tests take much longer.

Maya goes viral

“Maya” is the Israeli-developed 3D-printed nanotech sticker (reported here previously) that adds Covid-19 protection to surgical masks. It now will be mass produced at the DYKAM printing plant in Kibbutz Ein Harod and soon will be available to medical staff in Israel, Canada, Japan, Spain and elsewhere.