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Wheelchair-bound US army veterans will be among the first to use the revolutionary Acrobat Wheel created by Israel’s SoftWheel, and a delegation from US security agencies and police departments learns Israeli counter-terrorism.

By: Michael Ordman



Wheels for US veterans

Wheelchair-bound US army veterans will be among the first to use the revolutionary Acrobat Wheel created by Israel’s SoftWheel. Selective suspension mechanism kicks in when going over uneven terrain, stairs etc. Veterans can apply to the US Independence Fund or (soon) the Veterans Association.

US delegation learns Israeli counter-terrorism

America’s Anti-Defamation League has brought 15 officials from US security agencies and police departments to Israel to study counterterrorism strategies and compare tactics. It is the 13th such trip that the ADL has organized.


Sobar Jerusalem’s future site

The Sobar Music Center Project has just announced that its no-alcohol music center for Jerusalem youth will be based in Shoshan Street. Sobar’s partners are the Jerusalem Municipality and the Musrara Community Center. See facebook for exciting events and fundraising activities.

Migrants’ first contact is with Israelis

When many Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani migrants arrive at the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos they first meet IsraAID Doctor Tali Shaltiel from Jerusalem and Nurse Majeda Kardosh from Nazareth. They treat them for hypothermia, dehydration, wounds, illnesses and trauma.

Fighters for Life

Three ex-IDF commanders decided to show the world the humanity of Israel’s soldiers. Their organization, Fighters for Life, encourages young post-army Israelis to volunteer in poverty-stricken areas worldwide. Some 7,000 Israelis have now signed up and the first 30 have just left for Mumbai.

UN exhibit of Israeli education of hospitalized children

The United Nations in Geneva is displaying the photo exhibition “Education Without Borders” about children’s education in Israeli hospitals. Israel is the only Middle East country to provide education for all hospitalized Israeli children, including Arabs and minorities.


Gas pipeline to Jordan approved

Israel is to lay a 15.5km underground pipeline to transport natural gas from its Sdom 2 gas station to the Jordanian border. The pipeline is designed to make it possible to transport gas to Jordan within a year, in accordance with the agreement signed between the two countries.


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