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Good News Israel presents mapping the genome of the trout; helping Alibaba beat counterfeiters and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



More medals at Asian Physics Olympiad

Israeli high-school students set new records at the Asian Physics Olympiad, held in China. Competing against 23 countries, they won two silver and four bronze medals. Overall, Israel came in eighth place.

Helping Alibaba beat counterfeiters

Israeli startup Visualead has developed decorative Dotless Visual (QR) Codes for online retailing giant Alibaba, which wants to prevent counterfeit goods from being traded through its site. The codes are also attractive to encourage potential customers to scan them.

Mapping the genome of the trout

Israel’s NRGene has mapped the genome of the Rainbow Trout, using its DeNovoMAGIC big data genome assembly tool. The US Dept. of Agriculture initiated the task as an essential part of its breeding program for healthy, protein-rich fish. Other critical species will now be mapped.

Israel is milking it

A good summary of Israel’s leading position in the dairy technology industry. It includes Israel’s AKOL, which runs a database that monitors the output, health, genetics and fertility of every cow in Israel. It is now partnering with Microsoft to bring the technology to the developing world. AKOL’s sensors can also be placed on trees, vines or in the soil to help farmers be more productive.

When to turn off cellular base stations

Israel’s eVolution Networks’ Smart Energy Solution (SES) examines cell phone usage rates, locations, energy costs etc. to activate and deactivate base stations as needed. It is saving Telefonica up to 35% of its energy costs. Warren Buffet has now decided to invest in eVolution.

Picture these dishes

“Foodography“, a joint photography project between Israel’s Catit Restaurant and Carmel Winery, has commissioned a line of dishes specifically designed by Israeli ceramic artist Adi Nissani to hold a smartphone at the best angle in which to capture the best picture of the meal.


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