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Good News Israel presents Israeli researchers find electric pulses are better than botox; implant to give meds automatically and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Implant to give meds automatically

Israel’s Teva is partnering with US firm Microchips Biotech use its implanted microchip to deliver Teva-made treatments direct to patients. The technology avoids having to measure out meds or to even to remember to take them – perfect for the elderly and forgetful.

Light-stimulated genes may replace pacemakers

Scientists at Israel’s Technion have injected the heart with light-stimulated genes and used pulses of light to regulate the heart, just like a mechanical pacemaker.

Electrical pulses are better than Botox

Botox (botulin toxin) is not the only way to get smoother, less-damaged skin. In the laboratory Tel Aviv University researchers have shown that very short, high-tension electric pulses can reduce wrinkling and damage to the skin from disease without causing scars or heating.

Test your dog for diseases in minutes

Israel’s Biogal Galed Labs has now developed seven veterinary test kits for diagnosing infectious diseases in pets. The PCRun molecular detection test kits save tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and produce results in 75 minutes instead of previously several days.

Non-invasive test for bladder cancer

Israel’s BioLight Life Sciences Investments announced that its CellDetect non-invasive test for detecting bladder cancer in urine has obtained CE Marking, enabling the product to be marketed and sold in Europe and other countries.

Successful trial of Parkinson’s treatment

Israeli biotech Pharma Two B has announced positive results in its Phase IIb pivotal clinical study of P2B001 for the treatment of early stage Parkinson’s disease. The tests combined two low dose chemicals that separately had limited effect and were dangerous in high dosages.


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