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An Israeli Professor has developed a unique biomechanical method for the early detection of metastatic (secondary) cancer, and Israeli students have developed a new imaging method for gallbladder removal.

By: Michael Ordman



Early warning for secondary cancer

Israel Technion’s Assistant Professor Dr. Daphne Weihs has developed a unique biomechanical method for the early detection of metastatic (secondary) cancer – a cancer that has already spread. It can also identify where the cancer has spread to and enable early treatment.

New imaging method for gallbladder removal

BioDesign students at Hadassah Medical Center / Hebrew University of Jerusalem, led by Dr. Muhammad Adileh, have developed “CholeVision” – a fiber-optic illumination system to reduce injuries caused during laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures to remove gallbladders.

Successful trial of foot ulcer treatment

Biotech Izun successfully completed a Phase II trial of its Israeli-developed IZN-6D4 to treat diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) in 82 patients at seven centers in Israel. DFU is responsible for 84% of diabetes-related lower-leg amputations.


How proteins grow

A team of Israeli and US researchers has mapped out the fundamental dynamic that explains the production and distribution of proteins in a cell.


The world’s 6th healthiest country

Israel is the sixth-healthiest country in the world and is the only Middle Eastern country in the top 10, according to recent world health rankings by media outlet Bloomberg. Singapore was first, followed by Italy, Australia, Switzerland and Japan. The UK is 21st and the US 33rd.

25% of blood donations are from IDF soldiers

A total of 68,500 units of blood – 25 percent of the total donated to Magen David Adom last year – were given by soldiers. Whilst handing out certificates, MDA blood services director Eilat Shinar said “You officers and soldiers are an example for pure and significant giving”.

FDA approves focused ultrasound treatment

The US FDA has approved the next generation Exablate system from Israel’s InSightec to treat symptomatic uterine fibroids. Exablate uses focused ultrasound plus MRI, which is used to guide the ultrasound waves to the specific target tissue. Also (TY UWI) a video of Israeli doctors using InSightec’s Exablate Neuro ultrasound to cure Essential Tremor.


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