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buses into classrooms


Israeli non-profit organization Ofanim has retrofitted six old buses into mobile study labs in order to run educational enrichment programs for children, and Israeli startup Communer developed an app that helps communities to communicate better with their members. 

By: Michael Ordman



Turning old buses into hi-tech classrooms

Israeli non-profit organization Ofanim has retrofitted six old buses into mobile study labs in order to run educational enrichment programs for children in the North and South of Israel. http://nocamels.com/2015/12/ofanim-buses-high-tech-classrooms/

Enabling charities to “go mobile”

Israeli startup Communer began by developing an app that helps Jewish communities to communicate better with their members. Communer has now evolved into providing a wide and advanced solution for all nonprofits and beyond.


KKL-JNF gives trees to Israeli-Christians

KKL-JNF again distributed free Christmas trees to Israeli churches, monasteries, convents and embassies and individuals. The general public can also buy trees at a nominal cost. http://drybonesblog.blogspot.co.il/2015/12/merry-christmas.html

Israel’s first Arab college

Education Minister and Jewish Home Chairperson Naftali Bennett announced, “For the first time in the annals of the state of Israel we are establishing a general academic college in an Arab town,” said Bennett. “This is history for the Arab sector and this is history for the state of Israel.”

Israel and Jordan issue tender to save Dead Sea

Israel and Jordan have jointly published an $800 million tender to build a water-carrying canal from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. The project will rehabilitate the shrinking Dead Sea and supply drinking water to Israeli, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Friendship with Albania

The Prime Ministers of Israel and Albania signed a joint declaration of friendship in honor of 25th years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Other documents signed included a medical research cooperation agreement between hospitals.

Bringing Israel to the masses via popular bloggers

Vibe Israel seeks out the world’s top bloggers – people with the most power online and in social media – and brings them to the Startup Nation, to learn what innovations Israel has created in their field. The current project focuses on Informal Education.


Snails empower Ghanaian women

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is sponsoring a project by two Ghanaian students who have been setting up snail farms in rural Ghana. The project provides employment for Ghanaian women as well as vital protein for local families.

An Israeli office in the UAE

Israel is to open a diplomatic-level mission to the International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi, its first openly established representative office in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold visited Abu Dhabi earlier in December, the first time an Israeli government official of his diplomatic rank has publicly made the trip.

Israeli resolution gets UN approval

An Israeli resolution on utilizing agricultural technology for sustainable development passed at the United Nations with 124 countries voting in favor and 37 (Arab block) abstentions. Ambassador Danny Danon called it a “victory for Israeli innovation.”


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