Israel and Europe collaborate in battling cybercrime; Syrians thank Israel for humanitarian aid; Palestinian farmers attend Agritech Israel 2018 and more!

By: Michael Ordman


Cybercrime agreement with Europol

Israel Police and the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol are to collaborate in battling cybercrime, terrorism, and fraud. They will joint plan operational activities and exchange strategic information. It is the Europol’s first such agreement with a non-EU country.


Syrians thank Israelis for help

Israel’s aid and treatment of wounded Syrians doesn’t go totally unrewarded. Expressions of gratitude stretch from warm handshakes to an Israeli flag drawn by a 9-year-old Syrian girl. And a letter that in Arabic expresses “hope that the borders between us will one day be purely geographical”.


PA farmers attend Tel Aviv agritech event

More than 350 Palestinian Arab farmers (60% of the delegates) joined together with Israeli farmers at an agriculture technology event in Tel Aviv. At the fair, Israeli companies demonstrated technology and products to help the farmers.


60,000 Syrian refugees seek Israeli help

Following the battle of Deraa, 60,000 Syrian refugees have fled to the Israeli border. Many had horrific injuries and the IDF used trucks and helicopters to transport them to Nahariya’s Galilee Medical Center where Israeli surgeons reconstruct skulls, faces, limbs and perceptions.


https://unitycoalitionforisrael.org/?project=israels-operation-good-neighbor-charity-to-300000-new-syrian-refugees  https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/will-the-real-world-jewry-please-stand-up/

The Israeli humanitarian mindset

Thai officials leading the cave rescue operation ordered $100,000 worth of innovative communications devices from Israeli startup Maxtech, but CEO Uzi Hanoni donated them free of charge.  “That’s the Israeli contribution to this rescue effort”, he said.


Aid to flooded Japanese

Japan IsraAID Support Program (JISP), has sent an emergency response team to the Okayama prefecture in western Japan where the heaviest rainfall in decades has caused flooding, landslides and loss of life. The JISP team are Japanese professionals who have received training in Israel.


Jump-starting education in Nigeria

Civil war has ravaged Nigeria for decades, afflicting the lives of children in the West African nation. To help alleviate the situation, the Embassy of Israel in Nigeria has donated Israeli-flagged tablet computers to young students. See how these (Muslim) children’s lives are being transformed.


Wonder Woman visits children’s hospital

Israeli actress Gal Gadot took a break from filming the sequel to the 2017 movie “Wonder Woman” to visit a children’s hospital in Virginia in full costume. Gadot visited children on the wards at Inova Children’s Hospital in Annandale.


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