Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the ceremony for outstanding soldiers. (Miriam Alster/Flash90) (Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the ceremony for outstanding soldiers


Good News Israel presents IDF honors female Muslim soldier; an environmental program with Morocco and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



IDF honors female Muslim soldier

Among the 120 soldiers receiving a “Medal of Excellence” at the President’s Residence on Israel Independence Day was a Muslim woman who grew up in an Arab village and is currently a cadet in an IDF officer’s training course. Her family doesn’t even know she is in the IDF.,7340,L-4650017,00.html

Israel21c helps special Olympians

An article written by Israel21c about special swimmer Mati Oren has helped raise NIS 300,000 to send 40 special Israeli athletes to the July World Games in Los Angeles.

Israeli discovery is important for Druze community

Israel held a ceremony to honor the six divers who discovered 2,600 gold coins on the seabed near Caesarea (see March 1, 2015 newsletter). Also invited were Israeli Druze leaders, as most of the coins bore the name of their founder, Fatimid caliph al-Hakim bi Amr Allah.

Easing the journey to work

Israel has provided permits for 100 Palestinian Arab doctors to work in Israeli hospitals. It halves the time taken to drive into Jerusalem from Judea and Samaria.

Syrians treated in Israel

Israeli doctors at Poriya Hospital near Tiberias treated a 28-year-old man who suffered a broken leg and shrapnel lodged in other parts of his body. Also, a 40-year-old man who stepped on a landmine. The hospital has treated 166 Syrians wounded in their civil war.

Environmental program with Morocco

The Galilee International Management Institute in the Israeli city of Nahalal is to develop joint environmental training programs in cooperation with Morocco’s new Euro-Mediterranean University in Fez and the established Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.

Zambia opens Israeli embassy

Zambia has opened a diplomatic mission in Israel, after a gap of 40 years, reflecting improved relations between the two countries. Zambia’s Jerusalem House of Prayer also organized an inter-domination march-past in Zambia’s capital of Lusaka, to celebrate Israel Independence Day.

The largest aid team, from such a tiny country

Over 250 Israeli doctors and aid workers are saving lives in Nepal – more than all other countries combined.

The IDF field hospital treats hundreds a day and delivered its first baby.,7340,L-4651380,00.html

Dr Avi Yitzchak, an Ethiopian Jew honored on Israeli Independence Day, leads the IDF medical team.

Not forgetting Vanuatu

Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAID may now have arrived in Nepal, but it is also still busy in the Islands of Vanuatu devastated by Cyclone Pam.

UN praises Israel’s fight against corruption

A report by the United Nations Convention Against Corruption praised Israeli law enforcers for their efforts to eliminate public corruption. The report noted Israel’s success in putting leading public figures on trial and passing laws against bribery.


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