Eden Amare Yitbarek was one of two Israelis selected for a Rhodes scholarship. (LinkedIn)

Ethiopian Israeli selected for Rhodes Scholarship program, Israeli hospital saves Gaza boy, covers fees as PA refused; 1st female IAF bureau chief, and much more! 

By Michael Ordman


Ethiopian Israeli goes to Oxford University

Eden Amare Yitbarek is one of two Israelis selected for the Rhodes scholarship program that offers exceptional international candidates the opportunity to study at Oxford University in England. Eden was raised in Ethiopia and completed her BA at the IDC Herzliya.

Israelis donate medical fees for Gaza boy

Surgeons at Israel’s Schneider Hospital saved the life of 4-year-old Ahmad from Gaza with a hemorrhaging tumor. The Palestinian Authority refused to pay for his treatment in an Israeli hospital. Now generous Israelis are funding an account set up for Ahmad by the hospital.

First female IAF Bureau Chief

In a first, a female officer will serve as bureau chief to the Israel Air Force. Maj. N., currently deputy commander of the 119th Air Force Squadron, will be the first female officer to serve in the role, for which only the corps’ top officers are selected.

Restarting after injury

Israeli NGO Restart’s project “Makers for Heroes” (reported here previously) has volunteer professionals build devices so wounded IDF veterans can restart their lives. Here, one of the injured soldiers tells how Restart helped him restore his musical skills after shrapnel tore the nerves in his hand.

Joining with UAE to improve access for disabled

Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel, attended the virtual two-day Tolerance & Inclusivity Week at Dubai’s Expo 2020. She participated on the panel “Accessibility Spotlight: The Value of Difference”. She is working with Ayesha Hussaini of Manzil, her UAE equivalent.

Israeli scientist’s revelation

Prof. Haim Eshed was head of Israel’s security space program (1981 to 2010) and received the Israel Security Award 3 times (twice for confidential technological inventions). But in his latest book “The Universe beyond the Horizon” and interviews, he may have gone too far. Make your own minds up!

New UK-Israel defense agreement

Israel and Britain have signed an agreement for further cooperation between the IDF and the British Armed Forces that will see the two militaries cooperate in a variety of fields, including training and defense education. Cooperation will include defense-oriented medical training

Israel to join International Energy Agency

The State of Israel has been accepted into the International Energy Agency (IEA) after members of the agency voted unanimously in favor of the move. It recognizes Israel’s role in regional and international energy and gives it access to important sources of industry research.

What the IDF did in Albania

Last year, the IDF dispatched a humanitarian aid delegation to Muslim-majority Albania after a 6.4-magnitude quake devastated the capital city of Tirana.  See and hear one of the IDF soldiers describe how the operation helped some 1,600 Albanian families return to their homes and saved many lives.

Israel launches new Moon project

Israel has begun Beresheet 2, the country’s second lunar project. In 2024, SpaceIL, the Israel Space Agency and others plan to launch a mission to put a spacecraft in lunar orbit and two landing craft on the Moon’s surface. Seven countries including the UAE want to participate in the project.