Duran Duran. (McCarthy's PhotoWorks/Shutterstock)
Duran Duran


Good News Israel presents Duran Duran is coming to Israel; Jerusalem’s gazelle nature park is open and much more.

By Michael Ordman



Duran Duran is coming to Israel

Pop legends Duran Duran will be performing in Tel Aviv on 10 June. Lead singer Simon LeBon worked as a volunteer on Kibbutz Gvolot in the 80’s and the band even wrote an instrumental piece called “Tel Aviv”.

Jerusalem’s gazelle nature park is open

Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley Nature Park is now open to the public. The 62-acre park contains a female gazelle from the original wild herd that lived in the area, plus others from zoos and their offspring. There are also porcupines, hedgehogs, moles, snakes, insects and 200 species of birds.


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