Good News Israel Archive from the week of July 12, 2015: Implant to give meds automatically; a better child booster seat and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Implant to give meds automatically

Israel’s Teva is partnering with US firm Microchips Biotech use its implanted microchip to deliver Teva-made treatments direct to patients. The technology avoids having to measure out meds or to even to remember to take them – perfect for the elderly and forgetful.

Light-stimulated genes may replace pacemakers

Scientists at Israel’s Technion have injected the heart with light-stimulated genes and used pulses of light to regulate the heart, just like a mechanical pacemaker.

Electrical pulses are better than Botox

Botox (botulin toxin) is not the only way to get smoother, less-damaged skin. In the laboratory Tel Aviv University researchers have shown that very short, high-tension electric pulses can reduce wrinkling and damage to the skin from disease without causing scars or heating.

Test your dog for diseases in minutes

Israel’s Biogal Galed Labs has now developed seven veterinary test kits for diagnosing infectious diseases in pets. The PCRun molecular detection test kits save tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and produce results in 75 minutes instead of previously several days.

Non-invasive test for bladder cancer

Israel’s BioLight Life Sciences Investments announced that its CellDetect non-invasive test for detecting bladder cancer in urine has obtained CE Marking, enabling the product to be marketed and sold in Europe and other countries.

Successful trial of Parkinson’s treatment

Israeli biotech Pharma Two B has announced positive results in its Phase IIb pivotal clinical study of P2B001 for the treatment of early stage Parkinson’s disease. The tests combined two low dose chemicals that separately had limited effect and were dangerous in high dosages.



Investing in the weakest members of society

Jerusalem Venture Partners founded Bakehila (In the Community) in 2002. Since then, it has helped more than 25,000 poor Jerusalem residents (Jews and Arabs) to be self-sustaining contributors to their communities.

Pensioners to become environmental activists

Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) is working with the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to initiate a program called “Environmentally Active Retirees.” Elderly Israelis will raise public awareness about reducing and separating waste.

The woman who founded iAngels

Israel’s Mor Assia explains why she moved back from New York to Israel where she founded the social investment company iAngels. She knew personally many of the entrepreneurs that launched over 1000 startups per year, and she wanted to be part of this Israeli ecosystem.

Yahoo sends top employees to Israel

Yahoo’s senior Product Development Director brought ten participants of the Yahoo Associate Product Manager (APM) program to Israel. They visited the Technion and Jerusalem and had lectures in Yahoo’s Haifa and Tel Aviv R&D centers.,7340,L-4674457,00.html

Greek Foreign Minister visits Israel

Interesting that despite the Greek economic crisis, Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias came to Israel for a 3-day visit. Perhaps he wanted to learn how Israel transformed itself in the 1980s from financial chaos into an economic success.

Free Wi-Fi on South African buses

Israel’s Radwin has deployed its FiberinMotion wireless mobility to provide free Wi-Fi onboard buses in the South African city of Tshwane which includes the capital Pretoria. Over 200,000 unique users have accessed the free Wi-Fi service since it was installed in Dec 2014.



Good press coverage for Israeli water

In advance of October’s WATEC Israel 2015, Israel’s Ministry of Economy took 21 international journalists on a tour of Israel’s water installations and companies. Adi Yefet of Israel NewTech said, “I feel like we’re riding a great wave of positive publicity.”

Measuring a plant’s health

Israel’s Phytech is bringing the Internet of Things to the plant world. Plantbeat’s sensors measure how healthy a plant is and what to do to improve it. Phytech is to sell its PlantBeat alert system to farmers in North and South America.

Samsung launch Israel startup incubator

Samsung is founding a startup accelerator in its Israel development center. Samsung is looking for 6-10 startups in mobile communications, information security, wearable computers, big data, cloud computing, biometric identification, wireless charging, and autonomous vehicles.

Wearable and IoT conference

Over 100 Israeli and international startups participated in Israel’s first major global Internet of Things (IoT) conference in Tel Aviv – the Wearable Tech & IoT Israel. Their aim was to discuss how wearables are evolving and becoming an integral part of our life.

Not just coffee – it’s art

Israeli startup SteamCC has invented the Ripples coffee “foam printer” that produces a personalized design in the foam on the top of your coffee. Choose one of the hundreds of designs available on the Ripple Maker’s touchscreen, which is printed out through the tiny openings in the machine’s nozzle.

A better booster seat

Israeli entrepreneur Jon Sumroy has developed mifold, a booster seat that is 10 times smaller than the typical booster seat. It holds the seat and shoulder belts down to match the child’s height and body contours, so as to fit securely. It is easily folded up – ideal for carpools, taxi rides, and even bus rides,

Israeli tricorder is ready to beam up

The SCIO molecular scanner from Israel’s Consumer Physics is ready to ship to its first customers. The SCIO has been 4 years in development and raised $2.76 million on Kickstarter (1381% more than it asked for). So prepare to hear cries of “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it!”

National Authority for Technology and Innovation

The Israeli government approved the establishment of a National Authority for Technology and Innovation (NATI). The authority aims to help strengthen Israel’s international economic relations and maintain its position as a technological powerhouse.

Turning plastic waste into fuel

The Israeli government’s Environmental Services Company Ltd is to begin operating a new facility recycling plastic waste and turning it into fuel (600kg oil per ton of waste). The facility will process 3,000 metric tons of plastic waste every year.

The fastest open switch in the world

Israel’s Mellanox has launched “Spectrum” – the world’s first 100 Gigabit open Ethernet-based switch. It allows businesses to increase the bandwidth of their data centers without having to upgrade all their other equipment. (A bit nerdy, but vital to computer managers!)

Detecting dangers on Facebook

Israel Technion student Eden Saig has developed a system that classifies sentiment in texts on social media. The system can identify potential terrorist threats or suicide risks. Eden’s system won Amdocs’ Best Project contest.

LCD screens using organic molecules

Israel’s StoreDot (famous for its technology that re-charges a dead phone battery in one minute) has now developed a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) made of a single layer of organic molecules. The LCD displays vivid colors for TVs, phones, tablets and (future) roll-up screens.

Google launches Waze ride-sharing app

Google has launched a pilot carpooling service for Tel Aviv commuters. It is being offered through Israeli navigation app Waze, which Google bought in 2013 for about $1 billion, and through RideWith – a new app for passengers who are not Waze users.

Powering Mobile development

Excellent article about Israel’s success in mobile technology. It includes company features on Israel’s Moovit, Clear Sky Apps, IronSource and Zikit.



Tel Aviv has some prime property

A report on Tel Aviv real estate focuses on the iconic 39-floor Meier on Rothschild Tower. Three-bed apartments cost from £1.5 million and are popular with both Israeli and British buyers. One 8-bed penthouse, however, will set you back a cool £28.5 million.

“Breakthrough” deal with IDB in Latin America

Israel’s Ministry of Economy hailed as a “breakthrough”, a deal stipulating cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). IDB is the largest investment body in Latin America and the Caribbean. It funds $12 billion of projects annually.

Israel National Day at Expo 2015

Israel celebrated its Expo National Day at Milan’s world fair. At the celebrations Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely praised the Expo’s theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. The Israeli pavilion is one of the top 4 most popular of the 145 exhibiting countries.

Tens of thousands of jobs for Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has approved the construction of nine new office towers in Givat Shaul that will provide space for a range of businesses from high-tech to medical. It will create tens of thousands of new jobs and employment opportunities.

That’s smart

In MIT Technology’s Review of the 50 Smartest Companies, Israeli desalination company IDE Technologies is number 18. There is also Israeli technology in Tesla (1st), Alibaba (4th), Google (12th), Amazon (13th), Apple (16th), Freescale (24th), Bristol-Myers (26th), Facebook (29th), IBM (46th) and of course Microsoft (48th) and probably others.

30 new RyanAir flights to Eilat

Low cost airline RyanAir has announced it will commence six weekly flights to Eilat originating from Budapest (Hungary), Krakow (Poland) and Kaunas (Kovno, Lithuania). RyanAir expects to bring 40,000 passengers a year.

Security systems for UK Gatwick airport

Israel’s SerVision has won a contract with London Gatwick airport for the supply of live mobile CCTV systems. The project will install SerVision MVG400 streaming systems into 12 vehicles used for airfield operations.



Israel’s 9th UNESCO Heritage site

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared a 2nd century CE Jewish burial complex at Beit She’arim in northern Israel a World Heritage Site. The necropolis contains the tomb of Judah the Prince, who documented the Mishna, the Jewish Oral Law.

Israeli mind-reader on America’s Got Talent

Israeli “mentalist” Oz Pearlman drove the jurors “out of their minds” with excitement on the “America’s Got Talent” TV show.

Netanya hosts Israeli beach soccer

On July 17 and 31, from 1pm to 6pm Poleg beach, Netanya is hosting the Israel Beach Soccer Games.

Israel hosts UEFA Women’s U-19 soccer tournament

Israel is hosting the European Women’s Under-19 Championships starting on 15th July.

Israeli reaches Wimbledon tennis semi-finals

38-year-old Israeli Jonathan Ehrlich and his German tennis doubles partner Phillipp Petzschner won through from the UK Wimbledon tennis championships qualifying competition to the semi-finals before eventually being beaten by the 13th seeds Jamie Murray and John Peers.



Israel thanks Philippines for WW2 rescue

Israel held a ceremony to thank the Philippines for facilitating the 1935-41 escape from Nazi Germany and Austria of 1,301 Jews. It was held at the Holocaust Memorial Park in Rishon LeZion, south of Tel Aviv.

The only Roman garrison in the Middle East

Archeologists have discovered at Megiddo the remains of the garrison of the Roman Sixth Legion that kept order following the Jewish Revolt of 66-70 CE and the Bar Kochba Revolt of 132 to 135 CE. The Jews then lost sovereignty until 1948 and the modern Jewish State.

Eastern Jerusalem as you’ve never seen it

I highly recommend for an eye-opening tour of Eastern Jerusalem. Did you know that some 300,000 Jews and 250,000 Arabs now live in the area of Jerusalem that Jordan occupied from 1948 to 1967?

Israel’s haredi whiz-kids

CNN reports that devout Jews are joining Israel’s next wave of hi-tech programmers. With no prior computer knowledge, just one year later they can build web and mobile apps. Years of strict religious study is also good training to help think outside of the box or deeper about a problem.

More immigrants employed than sabras

Good news for those needing to work after making Aliya. An OECD study shows that Israeli immigrants have a lower unemployment rate than native-born Israelis. This is the reverse of the situation in similar high immigrant countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


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