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Aliya to Israel


Good News Israel presents 2000 Olim from North America this summer; the “Israelification” of Jerusalem’s Arabs and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



2000 Olim from North America this summer

Nefesh b’Nefesh reports that 2,000 Jews from the USA and Canada are to begin new lives in the Jewish State this summer. Last week 221 (32 families and 53 singles) arrived on a charter flight. 25% are in the “Go North” and Go South” programs to settle in the periphery. In the video, 90-year-old Olah Sue Friedman is coming home. (TY Jacob Richman for photos of the arrival flight)

Yeshiva opens IDF cyber defense program

For the first time ever, Haredi religious boys are learning cyber defense in a four-year Beit Midrash program, while preparing for IDF service. After the first year at Beit Midrash Derech Chaim, 80% of the boys passed the cyber test in which 35% is considered a high achievement.

Israeli-Christian group produces anti-BDS guide

The Christian Empowerment Council, an Israeli Christian group headed by Father Gabriel Naddaf, has released a new guide entitled “Test the spirits: A Christian Guide to the Anti-Israel Boycott Movement”. The guide challenges Christian anti-Zionism at the ideological level.

The “Israelification” of Jerusalem’s Arabs

Almost all Arabs living in Jerusalem used to opt for permanent resident status in order to identify with other Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Now, hundreds apply for Israeli citizenship every year. They are abandoning politics for a better quality of life.


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