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Israel ancient wine press


A 1500-year-old wine press is discovered in Israel, and thousands of people around the world held rallies in support of Israel.

By: Michael Ordman



1500-year-old winery discovered

The rainstorm last month was responsible for exposing remains of an enormous press near the Eyal interchange on Route 6. Numerous wine presses have been exposed in Israel’s Sharon region, where the wine industry once thrived and the first roots of modern Israeli wine were planted.

Thousands stand with Israel

Thousands of people in New York took part in a massive pro-Israel rally in Times Square. Rome, Paris, Madrid and Kiev had similar rallies, where senior members of the ruling political parties joined in the call of support for the Jewish state.

Descendants of forced converts support Israel

Many Spanish and Portuguese Jews were forcibly converted to Christianity in the late 16th century. Their descendants have been holding marches and rallies of solidarity with Israel in Recife, Brazil and El Paso, Texas.

Ex-Kuwaiti Muslim is advocate for Israel

Mumtaz Halawa’s journey from Kuwaiti Muslim to Israeli Jew featured in my Jan 2015 newsletter. Together with StandWithUs, Mumtaz (now Mark) has since developed an Arabic-language YouTube video series. It aims to dispel spurious anti-Semitic notions among the Arabs in the Middle East and start conversations about a free and democratic Israel. Also on facebook.



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