R&D in Israel leads to development of device to cure overeating and sleep apnea; more women mayors in Israel; Israeli scientists develop freeze-drying process that turns low-grade fallen apples into highly nutritional apple powder, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Device to cure both overeating and sleep apnea

Zen Eating, with R&D in Israel, has developed the Sipper – a device that trains the tongue to digest food slower, to match the brain’s “I’m full” mechanism. A Sipper user eats up to 30% less food per meal. The training also can cure snoring – a major cause of sleep apnea.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/obesity-sleep-apnea-are-targeted-by-new-straw/  https://zeneating.com/

Revolutionary technology to review ultrasound scans

Israeli startup iNNOGING enables physicians to manipulate ultrasound video captured previously by a technician and perform a virtual dynamic exam without the patient being present. The original scan’s video clips are converted into a 3D model of the examined area.



Breakthrough treatment for urinary tract cancer

I reported previously (May 2017) that Israel’s UroGen had been granted FDA’s Orphan status for its treatment of malignant Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma. It has now received Breakthrough Therapy Designation status to help speed up development.


3D-printed lung transplants

Israel’s CollPlant has licensed US’s United Therapeutics to use CollPlant’s 3D bio-printing technology to manufacture lung transplants. The multi-million-dollar agreement can be expanded to print up to three additional organs. CollPlant will initially supply the necessary bio-ink


Trials to regrow knee cartilage

I reported previously (Nov 2016) that Israel’s Regentis was to begin Phase III trials on its GelrinC, treatment for cartilage damage in the knee. The study has now been extended to 11 US sites involving 120 patients. The GelrinC implant encourages stem cells to re-grow cartilage.


Intensive care system in use

I reported previously (see here) about Israel’s Clew Medical and its system to warn of deteriorating Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients. It has since been trialed at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital and several US hospitals and is to be used at Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center.


The hospital of the future

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center hosted a summit “The Future Hospital: Setting Strategies for 2030 and Beyond”. Healthcare leaders and innovators from the USA, Canada, UK, EU and Israel discussed challenges facing hospitals and saw Israeli cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of medicine.


Israeli support for Pittsburgh

Volunteers from Israel’s ZAKA Search & Rescue, Dream Doctors and the Psycho-trauma and Crisis Response Unit of Israel’s United Hatzalah have arrived in Pittsburgh to provide aid to the community and the victims of the deadly mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue.

https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Israeli-psychotrauma-team-en-route-to-Pittsburgh-to-aid-terror-victims-570493 https://www.israel21c.org/israeli-experts-on-scene-in-wake-of-pittsburgh-shooting/


More women mayors

In the municipal elections, Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem became the first female mayor of Haifa – one of Israel’s largest cities. Other new women mayors include Yeroham’s Tal Ohana, Gezer’s Rotem Yadlin, Emek Hefer’s Galit Shaul, Drom Hasharon’s Oshrat Ronen and Beit Shemesh’s Dr. Aliza Bloch.



Pioneering disabilities program

Jerusalem’s Ono Academic College launched its two-year Disability Studies program in 2017. 40 students (Muslim and Christian Arabs, modern Orthodox and secular Jews) completed the first year’s theoretical component and 13 are now developing community-based group projects.


Boosting Arab and Haredi hi-tech employment

“Excellenteam” is the new program for “Enhancement of Arab and Haredi Human Capital for the Jerusalem High-Tech Workforce”. It aims to tackle the shortage of skilled hi-tech workers, while increasing the participation of Israel’s Arab and ultra-Orthodox community.


A Zionist, Muslim Arab IDF soldier

21-year-old Corporal Yahya Mahamid calls himself a “Zionist Muslim Arab.”  He grew up in the Arab town of Um-Al Fahm. He loves Israel and wanted to “give back to his country.” He volunteered to join the IDF in a combat unit. His army colleagues treat him with respect and admiration.


Israel’s Armenian community

2,000 of Israel’s 11,000 Armenian Christian citizens live in Haifa. They continue to maintain their culture, language, customs and social religious heritage.  The community in the Holy Land began prior to 400 CE and many more arrived after the 1915 massacres in Armenia.

First official state visit to Abu Dhabi mosque

Israel’s culture and sports minister, Miri Regev, paid a state visit to Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque – the third largest in the Moslem world. “This mosque has a message of brotherhood and peace,” Regev wrote in the visitor’s book, in Hebrew. “I wish a good life and peace for all.”


Why we invited Israeli leader

Oman’s foreign minister Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah was interviewed on Al-Jazeera about the visit of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Israeli delegation, to the Gulf State.


Chad next?

A delegation of Israeli officials has traveled to Chad – a Muslim-majority country in central Africa. Chad cut diplomatic ties with Jerusalem in 1972 after a decade of good relations and cooperation, however the two countries have recently been quietly discussing the renewal of diplomatic relations.


First female Israeli Ambassador to Egypt

Amira Oron, former Israeli head of Embassy in Turkey, was named as Israel’s first female Ambassador to Egypt. Fluent in Arabic, Amira was head of Arab media at Israel’s foreign ministry. Women were also named as ambassadors for Spain, Latvia and Chile.


Celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations with Vietnam

The Israeli Embassy in Vietnam put on a large celebration in Hanoi to mark 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Thousands of Vietnamese enjoyed a display of Israeli technology and a mass Israeli folk-dancing session.


Closer ties with Canada

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland in Jerusalem and discussed ways to deepen bilateral cooperation. An updated trade agreement aimed to double the scope of trade is shortly to be ratified by both Parliaments.


Mossad helps foil Iranian attack in Denmark

Israeli intelligence services (Mossad) aided Denmark in foiling a recent assassination attempt by Iranian agents. Mossad provided Danish security services with information which led to the arrest, in Sweden, of a member of the suspected Iranian terror cell operating in Scandinavia.



270 wheelchairs for Guatemala

Israel’s MASHAV Agency for International Development is donating 270 Wheelchairs of Hope to children with special needs in Guatemala. Israel’s Ambassador to Guatemala Mattanya Cohen presented the first of the wheelchairs at a ceremony attended by Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales.



Waste apples are a superfood

Scientists at Tel-Hai College and at the MIGAL Research Institute of the Galilee have developed a freeze-drying process that turns low-grade fallen apples into highly nutritional apple powder. It could save up to NIS 25 million from the 15,000 tons of apples wasted each year.


Splitting hydrogen peroxide to make clean fuel

I reported previously (here) (and here) articles on Israeli scientists splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using solar energy. Now they have discovered a carbon-neutral process to split hydrogen peroxide, also using solar power, to produce cheap, clean hydrogen fuel.



Water-based battery for electric vehicles

Israeli -founded Electriq-Global (formerly Terragenic) has developed a system to extract hydrogen from water to power electric vehicles. The system, presented at Tel Aviv’s EcoMotion 2018, uses BH4 (tetrahydrobiopterin) and a catalyzer to produce cheap hydrogen.



Israeli chemist shares $1 million alternative fuel prize

At Tel Aviv’s EcoMotion 2018, Chemistry Professor Doron Aurbach of Bar Ilan University won a share of the $1 million Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels. Professor Aurbach’s innovative magnesium-based battery has great potential.


Driverless taxis in Israel

Volkswagen, Mobileye and Israel’s Champion Motors have announced that they will deploy the first autonomous ride-hailing service in Israel in 2019. The Israeli government formally accepted the group’s proposal at the EcoMotion 2018 Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv.

https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/volkswagen-mobileye-champion-motors-invest-israel-deploy-first-autonomous-ev-ride-hailing-service/  https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3748733,00.html

World’s largest metal & ceramic 3D printing center

I reported previously (see here) on the innovative metal 3D printing technology of Israel’s XJet.  Now XJet has invested $10 million to launch the world’s largest metal and ceramic additive manufacturing center, using its NanoParticle Jetting technology.



World’s best education technology

Israel’s Sense Education won “World’s best ed-tech startup” and “Best technology solution” at South Summit’s 2018 enlightED competition in Madrid. Sense has developed an artificial intelligence solution for finding patterns and providing personalized feedback in student coursework.


UK to get an ed-tech “Jolt”

Israeli educational technology startup Jolt is set to open its first micro campus (“Jolt Room”) by London’s Liverpool Street Station in early 2019. Jolt, which has already launched in the United States, offers co-learning classes via the Jolt app on subjects such as technology and business.


Container-sharing is the future of international e-commerce

Israel’s Ladingo has developed a platform to significantly reduce shipping and handling costs. Ladingo allows sellers of large home appliances, such as sofas and washing machines, to share shipping containers going to the same overseas destination.



When everything connects

I’ve just read about Israel’s Baccara, which produces top quality air valves, air cylinders, and solenoid valves for use in industry, agriculture and irrigation. These are sold all over the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa and the Far East. It has been in operation for over 50 years.



Economy’s expansion remains solid

The Bank of Israel’s Composite State of the Economy Index for Sept 2018 increased by 0.3 percent. September job vacancies increased as did imports of manufacturing inputs. There was also a sharp rise in industrial production and in services revenue in August.


200 Israeli blockchain startups

The Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA)’s 3rd Israeli Blockchain Startup Map, shows over 200 startups operating in the blockchain industry.  A large increase was seen in the Security sector, with 23 startups. The IBA predicts the overall number to double in 2019.


Israeli drones to protect the EU

Israel’s Elbit has been awarded a 59 million Euros contract for Unmanned Aircraft System patrol services provided by European Maritime Safety Agency to EU countries. Elbit’s Hermes 900 drones and systems will monitor Europe’s coastlines for suspicious activities and potential hazards.


Reciprocal spending deal with Boeing

Aerospace giant Boeing currently spends over $322 million annually in Israel on purchases and investments.  This could increase to at least $3.5 billion after signing a reciprocal spending agreement with Israel’s Ministry of Economy. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Boeing-and-Israel-agree-to-lucrative-reciprocal-spending-agreement-570764

Enabling African farmers to insure their crops

Israeli startup OKO has developed a system for subsistence farmers to obtain crop insurance to protect them from drought, storms etc. 3rd-party insurers (mobile operators, micro-finance institutions, NGOs etc.) use OKO’s broker platform to price policies and verify claims.




Fashion exhibition continues

I reported previously (12th Aug) on the Israeli fashion exhibition at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum.  I recently enjoyed visiting this display of historical clothing of the Jewish State. The exhibition continues until 6th April 2019.



The vegan capital of the world

I have reported previously (see here) several articles about vegan food in Israel, including that Israel has the most vegans per-capita in the world.  Many foods (e.g. humous) are vegan by design but, as this video shows, there are many unique Israeli vegan dishes that even carnivores will enjoy.

History made in UAE

Israeli judokas Sagi Muki and Peter Paltchik won gold medals at the IJF Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi. It marked the first time in the United Arab Emirates that Israeli athletes have worn the Israeli flag on their uniforms and that the Israeli national anthem Hatikvah has been played at UAE victory ceremonies.



Israel’s President harvests his olives

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his wife, Nechama harvested from 60 olive trees in the Jerusalem gardens of the Presidential Residence Beit Hanasi. The President invited olive growers and owners of olive presses from all over Israel to join him, together with their families.


British “Builders of Zion”

Israeli women originally from the UK won two of Nefesh b’Nefesh’s Bonei Zion (Builders of Zion) – Israel’s top prize for outstanding contributions of immigrants. Linda Streit founded the Daniel Amichai Center for Rowing and Natural Studies. Major Keren Hajioff manages the IDF’s social media.


Brazil to move its embassy to Jerusalem

Following his victory in Brazil’s Presidential elections, Jair Bolsonaro announced that Brazil would move its embassy to Jerusalem. Mr Bolsonaro visited Israel two years ago and said earlier this year that a visit to the Jewish state would be his first diplomatic mission.


The boy we brought to Israel

Lovely article by Michael Dickson, Executive Director of Stand With Us. He writes about his son who was 9 months old when the family made Aliya from the UK over 12 years ago.  He is proud that his son is now celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in the Jewish State.


Support the Jewish State

This article emphasizes that there is a positive activity that everyone can do in the aftermath of a tragedy anywhere in the world.  https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/theres-something-you-can-do/

“The times they are a-changing”

A baby boy was born at 1:58am on Sunday 28th October at Beersheba’s Soroka Medical Center. Four minutes later, his twin baby sister was delivered.  But daylight-saving time began at 2am and the girl’s birth was registered as 1:02am. “The first one now, will later be last.” (Bob Dylan).



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